The only way to create a transformation in your students, whether it’s courses or coaching is to first show them the mirror, and then show them the path.

In this podcast, I break it down into the top 10 elements under each for you to be able to become a better coach, teacher, or mentor to your tribe. 

What You Will Learn In This Podcast?

  • What is the real meaning of education?
  • How do you show the mirror in 10 different ways?
  • How do you show the path in 10 impactful ways?
  • How to apply the mirror and path analogy in your webinars and courses?
  • How to ultimately create a better transformation in your students?

I hope this podcast has given you deeper insights into creating a better transformation in your students? If you did, please share your comments below.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Rekha Bhavnani

      Show them mirror 1st and then the path
      Education means bringing out best in someone
      Lasting transformation for your students using this concept
      #ILH family#

    • Nischal Modi

      Really helpful! Thanks for this guidance.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        ???? thank you

      • Sonu Singh

        Important Steps to Transform your student to be the best version of themselves.

        Show them the mirror and then show them the path

        >> 10 Aspects to show the mirror ( show them their current situation and let them know what they need to work )

        1.What are their aspiration? (many may not know it all by themselves so we can use a story)

        2.Show them the desires they already have. (many have desires but they just forget it because it cannot be implements or its not possible etc)

        3.Show them their dreams. (connected to desires but a different angle )

        4.Show them their values (Things more important for them)

        5.Show them their attitudes (not directly but may be by sharing a personal experience)

        6. Pains they are going through

        7. flaws

        8. misconceptions

        9. Help them identify the Motivation


        >> Path

        1. Point them towards a big goal because that wil push them outside the comforzone and thats when they will go beyond their usual levels

        2. Milestones

        3. Principles

        4. Strategies

        5. Process, How To’s

        6. Tactics

        7. Systems and Tools to use to make the tactics work

        8. Show them the support system (Accountability system)

        9. Power of the tribe or being a part of the community

        10. Show them the love a we are in a people’s business and it is the core for a long relationship

        When all this is incorporated it will make them feel that we get them and it will help them understand what is your main motive and builds a trust with us.


    • Rohit Agrawal

      This Podcast hit a chord! Super stuff Sidz. ????????
      Made notes to incorporate into my teaching.

      #Purpose of Education- Bring out the best out of people. Not to just memorise information only.

      1. Show them the mirror.
      2. Show them the path.

      Mirror- Current situation.
      1. Show them what to aspire for! What is possible for them? Make a mission statement.
      2. Show them the desires they already have but forgotten.
      3. Show them their dreams.
      4. Show them their values. Family. Spirituality. Freedom. Love. Congruence with dreams/goals & actions.
      5. Show them their attitude. Eg- Big Ego! Not being open to learn.
      6. Their pains.
      7. Show them their flaws.
      8. Their misconceptions.
      9. Their perceptions.
      10. Their motivations.

      Path- Direction to Go! Process.
      1. Point them towards a big goal. Maybe unrealistic. Think big. Only that can move you & you will stretch yourself.
      2. Milestones. Like so many base camps to reach at the summit of Mt. Everest.
      3. Principles.
      4. Strategies.
      5. Process. How to’s.
      6. Tactics.
      7. Systems & Tools.
      8. The support system. Accountability system.
      9. Power of tribe. Community. Don’t just live into your small world. Work with us.
      10. Show them the love. We are in people’s biz. It is the core. It has to be felt. People need to feel that you care.

      Super awesome!
      Thank you so much for this valuable podcast Sidz. So blessed. ????????❤️????????


      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        This is just the beginning 🙂 the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Aishwarya

      Being an educationist, This podcast is very close to me.
      The learnings I got from this podcasts are really helpful.
      Here are some pointers from podcast!
      Real meaning of Education is – Educari- to lead, to produce.
      Practical knowledge and hands on learning always bring out different side of a student.
      Steps To get the best transformation in your students-
      1. Show them the mirror
      2. Show them the straight path.
      10 different ways to show the mirror-
      1. What are their aspirations- where they real want to go, what’s their mission and vision.
      2. What are their desires,
      3. What are their dreams,
      4. What are their values- tell them what can be importance of their values
      5. What kind of attitude they have- tell them indirectly via your story.
      6. What pains are they going through
      7. What are their flaws
      8. What are their misconceptions
      9. Their perceptions
      10. Their motivators-Internal, external, anytrigger of their life.
      Show them where they are via stories, via fun, via activities.
      Now 10 elements of path and process.
      1. Point your students towards big goal. Dont show mediocre path.
      Aim for the sun or aim for the sky, you will reach to the tree top. Dont let them settle for mediocre life.
      Let them stretch their imagination.
      2. Give them the milestones. Very powerful.
      3. What are the principles which are important to reach the goal.
      4. Strategies derived out of Principles.
      5. Process-how to implement the strategy.
      6. Tactics
      7. Tools and system to make tactic work
      8. Show them the support system.
      9. Power of community
      10. Whats the purpose of doing all this. Love❤️. Tell them. Show them. We have our students back. Thats where lasting transformation happen.
      These are two Bullet Proof Principles to make somebody your student and build a powerful community. ????
      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

    • Path to transformation for your students.
      1. Showing Mirror
      2. Path to success. Methods they can differ. them their desires . them their Dreams.
      5. Show them their values. them attitudes. Impact.
      7.what Pains they are into
      8.what are Misconceptions
      9 what are perceptions
      10. Point them to goals . make them stretch imagination
      11. Show them milestones.
      12. What principals to follow path to success.
      13. Strategies
      14. Process to execute.
      15. Tactics.
      16. System and tools.
      17. Support system .
      18. Power of tribe. them love and care to minds and hearts.

      Rocksolid Process to success in the path of your success in education coaching path. Using this will be a revolution in knowledge industry.

      Nitin Narkhede


    • azhar ali sayed

      Good Podcast.. ????

      I have a Question.
      The Path is what basically they’ll buy our Courses for right ?

      So the Mirror is ideally the Free Webinar and the PATH is what we ask them to buy the Course right ?

      How do we segregate these 10 points/paths into different Levels of our courses.
      Like Upto Which PATH Should be Covered in Level 1 and Level 2 and so on and so forth.

      Thanks in Advance

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Azhar! It’s covered in my Curriculum Design Blueprint. How to create a path for your students to follow.

    • azhar ali sayed


    • Joseph Sukumar

      Yes Siddarth, Our education system needs upgrading and you are showing the way.


      Dear sidz sir,
      Hi,i’m total 14year experience in automobile indusrty,but now i am opening in digital service like common service center (csc),i think i am growth in digital service area ,i am not found proper niche build,so help me how to find my niche in this field for help the people.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        You will learn how to build and scale your digital coaching business inside my program.
I suggest you attend my next live masterclass, here is your invite –

    • Sheebba

      Sir, Really very Useful.

    • Renuka

      Really useful Content !!

      Show them the mirror First and then the path in impactful ways to reach their Goal.

      This Concept have been implemented by me , when I use to do one to one Coaching, in the offline World for school going students.

      And the results were amazing, it had a very long term impact. And after a certain point of time, the students were switched automatically on autopilot zone.. which I call is self Learnings. And the need of external forces (parents, teacher) vanishes, Making the student’s learnings journey Happy and enjoying…
      Even when Teacher is not there, student learns.

      This From A parent saying ” you should learn and get good marks ” mode to students saying ” Yes! I want to learn” mode

      It’s a win win situation to Teacher and students..

      Sidz have nicely presented this Concept in a very accurate, precise and understandable way, by keeping the spotlight on students Learning path.. rather than what Teacher wants to teach… ????????????
      Thank You Sidharth, for Such useful information.

    • Sivasakthi Balan K


      It was yet another Eye-opener for me… I was in diploma how to design the curriculum for my community. And I was waiting for an opportunity to discuss with you. But God Shake… You have given me the path for me to define my curriculum…

      And your voice is unique and mesmerizing… More Power To YOU…!!!

    • Arun Prasath T K R

      Hi Sidz,
      It’s really useful podcast.
      First Show them the mirror and then show them the path. It’s really amazing lines. As a Digital Coach we should understand about our students current situation and then we’ll create a course curriculum design means it’ll definitely help them to achieve their goals. Whatever points your shared in this podcast, it’s all 100% suits to all the Digital Coaches. Sharing information or knowledge is not matter. How our Information or knowledge is going to solve our students problem or help them to achieve their goals. That’s very important. Thanks a zillion for sharing this podcast Sidz.
      #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach #icancoach #arunprasathtkr

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Great takeaway on ‘understanding about your student’s current situation’! More power to you!

        • Arun Prasath T K R

          Thank you Sidz

    • PKSGAUR pradeep

      It being my first week freedom going digital way with email tutoring.

      For understanding people to people so wonderfully discussed & detailed from young minds like:

      I rate the presentation 5 star.

    • Abhimanyu Datta

      #ILH #Deeplearner

      This same model is used for coaching & consulting model including where some sales training’s also use it. The way it is expressed it might be different but base idea is same.

      But what you gone real deep with respect to the digital coaches & teachers & how they can really bring transformation in people’s lives.

      The whole game is about transformation and then of course helping them get good tangible results which i they never thought they could get.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Abhimanyu, great insights!It’s all bout bring transformation in people’s lives.

    • Hargovind Kamdikar

      Hi Sidz,
      I’m Hargovind Kamdikar
      I’m Dimand member. What I learned today :
      1. Before showing mirror to students if I can see myself then I’m able to transfer knowledge in well manner.
      2. My desire inspire them and after that they can easily resonate with me like I very much inspired and following you. Same thing happened with my students.
      3.Sir, You alway give us valuable massage / knowledge. I think giving value is an art .
      4. Goal in pocket then you can win.

    • Rajeev Sahu

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      Hey Sidz!
      So Grateful for highlighting this wonderful concept which is going to help in serving our community better. My Key takeaways and learning are as follows:
      1. Education means ‘Bring out the best inside anyone!’
      2. Experiential Learning is the best form of education.
      3. First Show You Student Mirror – Where They Are & then show them the Path – Where they want to Go!
      4. 10 Elements of showing the Mirror: Aspirations, Desires, Dreams, Values, Attitude, Pains, Flaws, Misconceptions, Perceptions, Motivations
      5. The best way to show Mirror is through Stories.
      6. 10 Element of Showing the Path: Set a Big Goal, Milestones to achieve, Principles important to reach the Goal, Strategies based on Principle, Process, Tactics, System and Tools, Support System, Power of Tribe, Power of Love!

    • Ekta Jhingran Daftari

      Hey Sidz,
      Great podcast…loved it! Really liked the fact that you stressed on the practical/experiential learning which is more important in life that rote learning and bookish stuff.

      As they say a great teacher is also a great leader….helping his/her students evolve and transform, so that they can lead others some day.

      And you beautifully explained how to achieve that in your podcast by simplifying it, so that people can actually implement it.
      Really liked how you categorised the “MIRROR” and the “PATH”. It is so important for us to help our students first understand what is it that they want and what are the barriers stopping from reaching there…..before they can do any learning (ie follow the path) to get there.

      And unconditional love and support is always the key to bring about any change and growth….a mother has it for her children and hence she always helps and motivates them to achieve…and a teacher/coach needs to have it to.
      Yes, I agree with you that if as a coach you build your community on these principles, no one can stop you from (and your students) from reaching the stars
      Cause afterall, “Successful Students make a Successful Teacher” !

      Dr. Ekta J Daftari

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks, Ekta!Great insights!
        This is just the beginning 🙂 the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Vikrant Dwivedi

      Education is not about memorizing things, but it’s about bringing out the best of us.

      To bring transformation in our students live
      We have to
      (i) Show them the Mirror
      (ii) Show them the Path

      How to Show Mirror:
      1. Show them their Aspiration
      2. Show them their Desires they already have
      3. Their Dreams
      4. Their Values (things the most important to them)
      5. Attitude
      6. Pains
      7. Flaws
      8. Misconceptions
      9. Perceptions
      10. Motivation

      How to show Path:
      1. Point them to a big goal
      2. Give them milestones
      3. The Principles to achieve that success.
      4. Strategies
      5. Process
      6. Tactics
      7. Systems & Tools
      8. Show them Support System
      9. Power of Tribe
      10. Show them, Love

      Thanks for helping me to connect the dots, all these I’ve already experienced in your teaching.

      But not everything is super clear.
      Gratitude to you!!!!!

    • Sourabh Soni

      This podcast showed me the mirror in 20 mins !!

    • vijay sujanani

      Love for people, care for people .

      Once I do that, It’s easier to show the mirror 🙂

      Create an Environment where I can bring out the best in them instead of jamming their head with more information.

      Create an Environment where they are having experiential learning and learning by doing exercises.

      I need to Learn on the go and learn from implementors .

      The Path I create needs to be clear and systematic for my audience .

      Do Not confuse my audience with too many paths.

      The Path that I carve out for my students needs to be precise.

      I need to show them the mirror because most people don’t have someone to show them the mirror and tell them that this is the problem.

      When I show mirror to my students they realize what their current situation is and then they will be able to create the changes.

      10 aspects that would come under the mirror category.
      1) Show them their aspirations –> People don’t know what to aspire for. You can show them the mirror and tell them what they aspire for. Example for a business coach, if they can help clients get more profit, that will be a measure of their success. They already know it . If they make a mission statement like I want to make 100k business profitable it’s a bulb on moment for them. They feel like yes they want to do this.
      2) Show them the desires that they already have which are bottled up inside of them. They forget about it feel that it’s just about life. They start rationalizing things and giving excuses. Desires can be rekindled what is possible.
      3) Show them their dreams –> dreams are something beyond desire. Dream could be helping them have more freedom. Do more for their families. Do more for charities.
      4) Show them the mirror on their values –> many people have great values but they have not consciously looked at it . They are living the life on Autopilot mode. Showcase my values or things that are important to them. My highest values are family, spirituality, freedom, contribution, Legacy, Honesty, if my community has similar values it’s a reflection on them. Reflect back on their value system.
      5) Show them the mirror on their Attitudes –> Knowledge alone is not enough . I can have ego which doesn’t help me go very far . I need to be humble and surrender to one mentor when I am starting on my journey and I need to follow a system within 3-6 months things change. By communicating this message I make my community wonder what kind of attitude they have . Do you have to drop the ego and do they have to really make those changes.
      6) Show them the pains they are going through
      7) Their flaws
      8) Their misconceptions. If we show them what misconceptions I had they will be understand and break through
      9) Their perception
      10) Their motivation–> sometimes it could be something they can do for their child, it could be internal, external, person, situation or trigger in their life which they need to identify.

      Share aspects through stories and it is easier to connect through stories just like movies 🙂

      People need to understand where they are and they need to be at the point of acceptance that this is their current situation and they can move to a better situation . This is the current problem and this is the way to the solution.

      Once you make them feel the clarity in their situation, then you show them the path, the process everything else that’s going to lead them towards their goal

      10 aspects that would come under the path category

      1) I need to point them towards big goals. Self discovery process and setting the intention and goals. The reality is most people are living a mediocre life and are settling for less. When you are showing a path to somebody make them think big and out of the box and only when you push them out of their comfort zone will any kind of transformation happen. Aim for the sun or the sky you will reach the tree top. Principle is for them to stretch their awareness and stretch their imagination on the path. When you are giving them a path make them set a big goal for themselves.
      2) Give them the milestones . Create different checkpoints Example: Freedom Finisher , Hall of Fame, Crore Club , next is 10 crore club.
      3) Principles that are important to reach the summit . Principles are more like value system from implementation stand point.
      4) Strategies should be derived from Principles
      5) Give them the process . How to exactly execute the strategy
      6) Tactics will keep changing from time to time. Principles and strategies may not change but process and tactics will change.
      7) System and tools to use to make the tactic work.
      8) Show them the support system. Support and Accountability system as a part of the path.
      9) Show them the power of the tribe. Being part of community. It’s more fun when you walk a tribe . Each will push each other to become best version of themselves. There is no way they can fail unless they quit.
      10) Show them the love. Care for people and their hearts. It has to be felt. People should feel it. People don’t care for how much I know . People will care for how much I care. They will trust me that I have their back whatever they do and my intentions are pure. That’s where lasting transformation happens.


    • Akshay Jalan

      *How to show the mirror to your students*

      1. Show their aspirations
      2. Show them the desires they already have
      3. Show them dreams – beyond desires
      4. Show them their values – consciously looking at
      5. Show them their attitude –
      Reflect on yourself, surrender to mentor and give up ego
      6. Show them their pains
      10. Motivations

      *How to help your students walk the Path*

      1. Set a big goal for themselves
      2. Define milestones
      3. Share the Principles to successfully reach the summit
      4. Derive Strategies
      5. Show them process
      6. Tactics – dynamic
      7. Systems and Tools to execute tactics
      8. Support System – Technology and Accountability System
      9. Power of Tribe
      10. Love and Care through your communication

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearners

    • Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

      Amazing Sidz!
      Second every words spoken.
      My best take aways:
      “Show Them the Mirror”
      ” Connect heart to heart”
      ” Help to identify aspirations”
      ” Show how to achieve a big goal”
      ” Make them learn how to accept their present state and make it better”


      Amazing Sidz!
      Second every words spoken.
      My best take aways:
      “Show Them the Mirror”
      ” Connect heart to heart”
      ” Help to identify aspirations”
      ” Show how to achieve a big goal”
      ” Make them learn how to accept their present state and make it better”
      #lLHDeepLearner #lLHFamily

    • Yogesh Kumar

      if you want to be a teacher that really impact your students.

      The best way form of learning is to teach but the experiencing learning is also a great way to learn because you do the exercise and do the stuff. them mirror, what are their current situation and then show them the path and the path needs to be clear and systematic don’t give them so many options.milestone needs to be define clearly.
      10 aspects of showing them mirror using stories.. :-
      1. show them what are their aspiration.

      2. show them their desire.

      3. show them their dreams

      4. showcase their values

      5. show them the mirror of their attitude.

      6. show them the mirrors of the pains.

      7. show them the flaws.

      8. show them misconceptions they have.

      9. show them the perception them what motivated them.

      once they know where they are and what are their problems then show them the path towards the goal.
      1. give them to set big goal

      2. define milestone for them to achieve the goal

      3. share the principle 4. give them strategies

      5. show them the process to execute the strategies

      6. give them the tactics

      7. which tools and system to make the tactics work

      8. show them the support system

      9. show them the power of community/Tribe

      10. who them Love/care

      you do the same things with your community to teach and during the inner circle call. you teach what you do. really really appreciated ….



    • Sunil Gupta

      – Educari is to lead, to draw or take out or bring the best out of person
      – Show mirror and then show the path
      – traditional education (retain information)
      futuristic education (experiential learning)

      10 mirrors to be shown:
      1. Aspirations>mission statement>connection
      2. Old desires but forgotten and rekindle the same
      3. Show hidden dreams
      4. Value and value system what is important to them
      5. Attitude e.g. big ego or open to learning or not
      6. Pains they are facing
      7 Flaws
      8. Misconception
      9. Perception
      10 Motivation

      – Show mirror thru stories either your own personal or near & dears or successful students
      – group coaching
      – acceptance
      – current and future
      – clarity then show the path/process

      Once the mirror is shown and they are connected and convinced then show these 10 paths:

      1. Show them Big goal/ big why/ thing big and out of box/stretch yourself
      2.Show them milestone. e.g. base camp for mt everest and in ILH FF/HOF/Crore club
      3. Principles
      4. Strategies
      5. to execute strategies
      6. Tactics which may keep changing but principles will not change..strategies also will not change, process & tactics can change
      7. System & tools
      8. support system e.g. accountability system in ILH
      9. the power of tribe, no solo walk, going in group is fun
      10. Love and care for people

      This actually solves the problem

      Honestly the above are just not words but very powerful principles. The youngster sometimes may not understand these or may take it lightly but as & when things matures, they realizes the importance of these principles.
      Its actually very challenging as I can see it very closely but it’s fun to see the transformation also.
      Thanks a lot to Sidz for creating such a community forever and it’s really legacy being built.



      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks,Sunil! Your feedback really made my day! 🙂
        This is just the beginning 🙂 the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

        • Sunil Gupta

          Dear Sidz, thanks for being my mentor. Honestly it is not easy to accept someone as your true mentor but you really had greater influence on me since last 1+ year. I feel really connected with you for many reasons including your purity, fairness and spiritual grounding. I love the setting up of code of honor and the concept of 10% charity a lot and has given me a reason to earn more.

    • Hi
      Actually, I was fine-tuned as a mentor after I joined your group, but was a little bit struggling to build my Tribe. this podcast made my eyes open. Only you can create such a kind of thing, which is rare in the present days. A person sharing his business secrets to all who are learning and listening to Him.SIDZ, bow my head to you. great human, and feel happy to be associated with you.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks,Tharun !
        This is just the beginning 🙂 the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Inder Jeet

      Really useful, excellent said, right and true

    • Mansha Roy

      20 Ways To Create A Lasting Transformation In Your Student.
      My learnings from this podcast are –
      1. Show them the mirror
      2. You got to show them the path. This is the only way from where they are and where they want to be. If you really want to be a teacher that can create an impact. The best form of learning is to teach. To get your best transformation from your student where they really feel like going through it and achieving their goals you have to first show them the mirror on what is the current situation and once you have shown them where they are then show them the path which needs to be very clear and systematic.
      How do you show the mirror in 10 different ways?
      1. You need to show them what are their aspiration. Sometimes people don’t know what to aspire for.
      2. You got to show them their desire that they already have. Now many people have desires that have been bottled up for years & years together and they forget about it because they feel that this is how life is & they can’t do more.
      3. Show them their dreams‐ Dreams could be something beyond just desiring to buy something but dream could be may be even helping them to have more freedom, helping them to do more for their family or support charity or something which want to do. Show them the mirror on their dreams and on their values.
      4. Many people have great values but they are not looking consciously at it.
      5.Attitudes ‐ Show them the mirror on their attitudes and you don’t have to do directly you can even do indirectly by putting yourself in the position where you need to change your attitude.
      6. Aspirations, desires, dreams, values & attitudes could be even positive but you got to move them even into the other side. You got to show them the mirror on the pains are they going through.
      7. Flaws
      8. Misconception– Show them the mirror on their misconception.
      9. Perception
      10. Show them the mirror on motivation. Motivation could be internal motivation or external motivation. It could be a person, a situation, or some trigger in their life they need to identify. And all of these mirror can be showed or can be shown through stories either your own personal story or other people’s story or even stories of your successful students.
      So the first part of your whole education process whether you are doing a webinar or you are creating a course or you are doing group coaching first show them the mirror. First show them where they are or you can also do it different ways. They need to be at a point of acceptance where they are and they can move to a better situation. Then you show them the path and the process.
      How you can show a path in impactful ways?
      1. When it comes to showing them the path you need to first point them towards a big goal. The principle is to make them stretch their awareness, stretch their imagination as a first step on the path.
      2. You got to give them the milestones.
      3. Tell them what are the principles that are important for you to be able to successfully reach the summit.
      4. Once you shared the principles then you give them that strategies. What strategies you need to apply?
      5. You got to give them the process. Like how to exactly execute that strategy.
      6. You got to give them the tactics after that. Because the tactics would keep changing time to time but the principle will not change. The process and the tactics can change.
      7. Systems and tools – Which systems and tools to use to make the tactics work.
      8. You got to show them the support. The support system not just technology and stuff like that it can also be accountability system that’s also part of the path.
      9. You got to be show them the love. What’s the purpose of doing & teaching and giving info and all of that if you don’t really care for the people. This is a people business. People should feel that you really care for them. When all of these corporate to your program if you are doing a webinar for example and if you show them the mirror, show them the path give them a irresistible offer they are going to be buying your product. Then they feel that you get them and they believe that you can solve their problem. It’s a very powerful principle.

    • Uday Shenkar Potnuru

      Great podcast!
      Really nice to see how we first give them a transparent clarity upon their psyche and then transit to making them set-off to reach their goals. Pretty much what’s being implemented in the Freedom Business Model.

      “People need genuine care!” That really motivated me!
      Thank you Sid! ????




      Hello Sidz,
      Journey with learning new things in your podcast it an amezing i loved lot
      My takeaways

      20 Elements are the base foundation for the students achive their goals easily

      – What is the real meaning of education?
      Educating the student with the future life style new technologies. How be come freedom in life without any stress in their life. As teacher we need make them mold.
      With these below 20 elements need show them Mirror & Right Path
      achive their.

      – How do you show the mirror in 10 different ways?
      1 Aspiration – need to clear about goal
      2 Desier – what exactly need in life need show
      3 Dream – need to show visualized achivment of goals our own gols
      4 Value – need to show them helping charity system
      5 Attitute – past attitude after many learnings system adoption need to show present changes in our own life example or case studies.
      6 Pain – Understanding their pain in their life
      7 Flaws – Need to show their mistakes or weekness.
      8 Misconceptions – need to clarify their wrong
      9 Persceptopns – clarify their future become
      10 Motivational – need show sucessful story of sucessful persons

      – How do you show the path in 10 impactful ways?
      1 Need to give Big Goal
      2 Milestone – need to give small goals to achive.
      3 Principles – Need to show principles which are thouse
      4 Stregety – Need to show which are thouse
      5 Process – Need to explain how stregety works.
      6 Tactics – what are the
      7 Tools – what are tools need to use & tools pricing
      8 Support – Need to show team support
      9 Power of Tribe – Community Size
      10 Love – How student enjoy their learning with passion & love.

      – How to apply the mirror and path analogy in your webinars and courses?

      Mager learnings
      All the 20 eliments need to incorpete in the webinar presentation slides

      – How to ultimately create a better transformation in your students?
      . By showing Mirror & path concept we can bring transformation in our students

      Lovely Learnings

      I wish ILH Community Maximim world wide

      Really To be franc i am learning so much from the freedom business model course

      Sidz & ILH Facilitators

    • Madhura Rajagopalan

      hi! Sidz,
      I joined your tribe today only & this was my 1st podcast.
      It was a very simple but profound way of ensuring that the purpose we all are in here is to bring lasting transformations in people who trust us.
      I will remember these two words- mirror & path for a very long long time.
      thanks once again for the effort you put.



    • Sumesh Chhabria

      #Ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily #Ilhsociety

      Hello Sidz,

      I always agree with you completely that our education and employment system is fully broken. I have been through all that in my life.
      My learnings from this awesome podcast :-

      1. Milestones should be clearly defined to all the students.

      2. Always Show your students their aspirations. Show the mirror so they feel clarity in their current situation.

      3. Show their desires because they can’t see what is possible in this life that they can really achieve.

      4. Show your audience the misconceptions in their life.

      5. Never show them the mediocre path in life so they can set big goals in life.

      6. Important Principles and strategies

      7. Process to execute their strategies.

      8. Show them the support system

      9. Showing them the Power of your Tribe is very important.

      10. Show them the love because this is people business we all are in. Caring is important in life ✅

    • Ashwini Borkar

      1)Show them mirror by making them aware about their current situation. Let them accept it…. Once students accept that then they are ready to change & move further…
      2) path- Make them set bigger goals & step by step help in their journey with principles, values process, tactics and most importantly Love…
      You have given Precise & systematic way of approach ….Thanks a lot sid for this
      wonderful podcast .
      # ILH Community #

    • Phani Kumar

      Its really insightful. Showing the beginners the mirror & guiding thru the path have been found with deep in details.

      Its awesome Sidz Sir.


    • Tejas

      I like deep learner

    • Rajveer Kaur

      What a fabulous learning I have today. The pointers you have shared here are so powerful that no student can be without the results.
      Showing the mirror to them to know their week points and qualities so that they can know their present situation and then showing them the path to reach the desired point from the present one.
      Amazing. You are a great mentor.
      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhcommunity

    • Aaliyah Bincy Mathew

      1. Show them the mirror
      Show the path
      Motivation can be internal or external
      Show them where they are …. To
      Point them to Goal
      Aim for the sky and reach the tree
      Check point to reach the goal milestones
      Clarity on the path how to reach there
      System and tool
      Support system
      Show them the power of a community
      So much fun as walk as tribe
      Micro tribe
      People should really know how u care about
      Intentions must be pure

    • Inder jeet Singh ubhi

      Hi sidz
      My takeaway from this podcast
      There are the two ways
      1. Show. Them the mirror
      2. Show them the path
      There are the 10 different ways to show the mirror
      1. What is their aspiration
      2. Show them the desire, they already have
      3. Show them the dreams
      4. Show them their value, things more important for them
      5. Show them their attitude
      6. Pains they are going through
      7. Show them the flaws
      8. Inscriptions
      9 help them to identify the motivation
      10. Perception

      There are the 10 elements of path and process

      1. Points them towards a big goal because that will push them outside the comfort one
      2. Milestones
      3. Principals
      4. Strategies – derived out of principals
      5. Process – how to implement the strategies
      6. Tactics
      7. System and tools to use to make the tactics work
      8. Show them the support system
      9 power of tribe or being part of community
      10 show them the love, we are the people’s biz, it is the care. It has to be felt, people need to felt that you care
      Thanks side

    • Neetika Srivastava

      Thanks a ton for this great insight Sid! Conventionally and unconsciously we jam our students with lots of teachings n knowledge which just goes over their heads as we haven’t created a need to learn which can be done by showing them the mirror of their current reality.
      And all the 10 ways of showing them the path gives great clarification and empowered way of educating them.
      I am gonna implement this now on and its so impactful!

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