Why video marketing? A lot of people like to hide behind their words or logos. But only a few come out in the open on video.

Let’s first understand which all channels you can use for video marketing.

video marketing channels

In today’s world, it’s all about the human connection. In spite of all technological advancements people still like to connect with other people in the online world… and VIDEO can help you establish that connection with your customers.

Why You Must Start Video Marketing

Even if you’re an introvert or someone who hates going out and meeting people, video is a must in today’s day and age. There are 3 main reasons why you must get started in video marketing:

1. The Ability Duplicate Yourself

Imagine you put your heart out and record a video talking about your company, products or services, with full passion. Once this video gets online, then this gives you the ability to duplicate yourself. The next time someone asks you… “What do you do?”, you can always point them to this video. This gives you the flexibility to save your time and let the videos do the heavy lifting for you even while you sleep.

2. Create An Impact Using Video

Words can convey powerful messages. But a picture speaks a thousand words. Video marketing is about taking this to the next level. When you look into a camera and speak with conviction, you will be able to impact more people than you can imagine. Look at all those TED talks which have impacted millions of lives. You can do the same, and you don’t need a TED stage for that.

3. Crush Your Competition

There’s a very small percentage of business owners who are getting on the video marketing bandwagon. Do you know why? Because the rest of them are afraid, nervous or too shy to come in front of a camera. I usually don’t take the negative route, but when it comes to video, you can seriously crush your competition by getting more vocal and visible on video.

What’s Stopping You From Getting On Video

video shy

Knowing and not doing is not knowing. In spite of knowing all the superpowers of video marketing, there may be a few deep core reasons why you’ve not yet started on this journey.

1. Too Worried About What Others May Think About You?

This is a success killer. If you’re too worried about what others may think about you, then there’s a high chance that you’ve not yet started video marketing. If you’re too worried about how you look, how you speak, your accent, your dressing and your environment… stop! It’s total BS. The best part is that if you’re honest, authentic and genuine in delivering value to your audience, even if you goof up… (which I have many times)… your video will sizzle!

2. Do You Have A Poor Self Image Of Yourself?

How you look at yourself is how the world looks at you. This is more of an internal thing. Maybe one of the reasons why you’re not getting on video is because you don’t like yourself. This is a BIG issue. And you can change this in ONE INSTANT!! Make a decision right now that you’re awesome and that you can do this! Pull out your camera, record one video and put it up on social media. See what happens. You will instantly feel confident and you can do one more. The problem here is “analysis paralysis”. Stop thinking too much.

3. Are You Waiting For The Perfect Video Studio Setup?

This is so stupid. I have been thru this too, and I know so many business owners and marketers who wait for the perfect camera and background screen to start their first video. Again, total BS. If you’re a perfectionist, you will never succeed in the online space. Success is shabby and you’ve got to keep moving. Don’t worry about what camera you’re going to use. Pull out your smartphone and get done with it. Most smartphones today are very well equipped with high-quality cameras and audio mics.

Top 5 Video Marketing Formats

Not all videos equate the same in terms of results. Each format is slightly different from the other and once you understand the difference you can go out there and pick the format that’s right for the moment.

video marketing formats

1. Facebook / YouTube LIVE

This is hottest of all video formats because Facebook and YouTube give this format the highest prominence in terms of visibility to your audience. While all other formats reach a lesser number of people, getting on LIVE video gives you maximum reach.

2. Recorded Videos

This is simple. Shoot a video on your smartphone or a high definition camera, take it to the editing studio and add intros, outros, music and all the gizmos. Then upload this on YouTube or social media channels. This is called a recorded video format. Nearly all of YouTube videos fall into this category.

3. 30-Second Videos

Now let’s talk Instagram and Snapchat. Logan Paul‘s super success on Instagram with over 16.1 million followers has mainly been due to this format of video. To convey a lot of information in a short 30-second window requires a lot of creativity and talent. If you’re able to get good at this, then going viral is not a big deal for you.

4. Screen Capture Videos

I use this format a lot when I have to explain how to use software, tools or even show navigation options on a website. This works well if you want to create technical tutorials or step-by-step videos to demonstrate how one watch and do stuff. My GetResponse tutorial was done using this format.

5. 60-Minute Webinars

This is where I see my expertise. I’ve conducted over 300+ webinars with a super high watch % rate. Have a look at this recording to have an idea. Webinars allow you to connect with your audience on a more deeper level and also gives you a platform for you to sell your products and services, unlike any other video marketing format. I have generated more sales in a webinar setting than any other medium.

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How To Maximize Video Marketing To Get More Customers On-Demand


Now that you’ve understood the power of video marketing, are you ready to acquire more customers? If you’re serious about this, then you’ve got to follow my 3-step “Video Farming” method:

Stage 1 – Plant The Seeds

Recording short videos and 30-second videos are like planting the seeds. Give titbits of valuable information to your audience. Generate just enough curiosity to get them to watch your longer videos.

Stage 2 – Nurture Your Plant

Getting on Facebook LIVE is a fantastic way to nurture your audience. You can do this by calling out names of people who are watching you LIVE… and also by engaging with them on a personal basis by replying to their comments. When you establish that human connecting with people on social media, then they are ready to move to stage 3.

Stage 3 – Harvest Your Crop

The most effective place to convert your prospects into customers in a video setting is in a LIVE webinar. Webinars are where you can harvest your crop. This is where you get results. Watch my webinar recording to see how I convert into sales.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts On Video Marketing

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Whether you like it or not, video marketing is the name of the game. If you get started sonner, the better. Else you will be stone age and your competition will crush you before you even realise.

Look at video marketing as a new skill that you need to acquire. It’s like going to the gym.  You have to work on this every day and build your video skills muscle one-day-at-a-time.

That’s why I have created my private INNER CIRCLE.

If you’re serious about upping your “video marketing” game, then go to asksidz.com and type “vip” to get qualified to be a part of my INNER CIRCLE.

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