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Launch Webinars With Confidence

Hey there, Trailblazers!

Buckle up, because I've got a story to share – a story of conquering fears, overcoming challenges, and unlocking the incredible potential that lies within you. Having navigated through the highs and lows of conducting close to 1000 webinars, I'm here to spill the beans on three game-changing insights that could reshape your journey.

First off, let's talk about the roadblocks that keep most folks from diving into the exhilarating world of a second webinar. Crazy, right? Those very reasons holding others back are the golden opportunities beckoning you forward. It's time to redefine what's possible for you.

Now, imagine building unshakable confidence in just 10 minutes – yeah, you heard me right! I'm embarking on a 90-day podcasting challenge (Day two, baby!), and I'm inviting you to ride this wave with me. Grab your notepad, scribble down some wisdom, and get ready for a transformation. Share your takeaways on SiddharthRajsekar.com or wherever you're tuned in. And if you're part of my community, swing by zathras.com – we've got weekly gifts waiting for the engaged minds!

Let's dive deep into the reasons people hesitate to kickstart their podcasting journey. Fear of sales, rejection anxiety, and a scarcity of leads – it's a triathlon of challenges. But hey, I've danced with these demons, and I've got the battle scars to prove it. From the fear of judgment to worries about budgets and reputation – I've been there, done that.

And guess what? Once you break through, once you taste the sweetness of value creation and see those dollar signs hitting your bank account – there's no turning back. It's a different breed of business, where making money meets the joy of people willingly handing it to you.

So, why should you start? For starters, webinars are your ticket to building practical skills. Reading about swimming won't make you Michael Phelps; you've got to get in the pool. Same goes for webinars – it's time to get your feet wet.

Number two, brace yourself for rejections and criticism. It's the forge that shapes a resilient spirit. And here's the clincher – impacting even one life. It's like magic. Pour your heart into that webinar, change that one life, and you'll be hooked.

Now, don't underestimate the power of a small audience. Connecting deeply with five or ten people is a practice ground for self-improvement. Forget the naysayers who preach high-ticket deals – the more webinars you do, the more you connect, learn, and grow.

But here's the real deal – webinars aren't just about the money. They're about transforming lives. It's therapy for your soul, a journey of self-discovery and improvement.

And now, my friend, let me guide you on a confidence-building odyssey. Record and post videos on social media, link them back to your Zoom webinar. Start with no-sales webinars, at least 5-6 of them. Collect questions, offer free one-on-one sessions, and watch your confidence soar.

Feeling the rush yet? Now, dip your toes into a single sales webinar. Experience the impact, witness the financial surge, and let that confidence bloom. It's a journey, a process – and I promise, the more you engage, the more you'll become the master of your own destiny.

So, why wait? Start your journey. Build your money machine, impact lives, and revel in the freedom this business offers. Head to sidz.co/diamond, join the Diamond showcase, and let the magic unfold. Here's to your success and the thrilling episodes yet to come!

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    37 replies to "How To Kick-Off Your Webinars With Confidence?"

    • Preeti Agarwal

      Reasons to start webinar:
      1. It will build our skills,
      2.will help to Start facing rejections
      3. Start tasting the magic of impacting lives,
      4. Will help to connect deeper with audience & self, you will be better as a human
      5. Will get good at sales gradually,
      6.Money Machine will be built parallelly.

      How to build confidence for webinar:
      1. Post Video alternate days with link to zoom link for webinar.
      2. Start with “no sales” webinar n connect back to social media
      3. Collect ques
      4.in some webinar,offer free 1-2-1 , atleast 50 in 90 days.
      5. Then start with 1 sales webinar.


      Multiply energy time money knowledge and skills
      Substract anything that doesn’t serve you
      Reflect back in 2023….have insights
      Put things into rotation… relaxation time family time business time spiritual time personal Time

      I love this short and to the point podcast

      Thank you so much Sid sir 😊
      Wishing you a happy 2k24😄


      Day 2 podcast learnings
      Only this field in this world where you can impact inspire make huge amount of money and have freedom
      Once to taste the money hitting your bank account…it’s altogether a different feeling
      Start recording and posting video on all SM platforms and give link for webinar
      Don’t sale…. deliver content… answer questions and try to have atleast 50 one on one call within 90 days

      After this go for paid Webinar and sale your courses

    • Ankita Dev Roy

      Reasons why some people not been able to give one webinar are –
      1. Fear of sales
      2. Can’t face rejections
      3.Lacks of leads
      4. Not confident with the products
      5. ppt not ready, budget is not matching for sponsorship.
      Why we should make our webinar:
      1. We must understand the magic of imp acting the lives of others.
      2.We must taste the matic now.
      3.Connect deeply with the audience.
      4. The deeper we get the more perfect we become.
      5.And even there is only one person make Sure that person becomes thankful to you in terms of giving him or her motivation
      6. Have 5 to 6 seminars free to have confidence.
      7. don’t think of sales initially. Sales will happen if you touch their lives with deeper meaning.

    • Ranjna Charak

      We make connection when we conduct webinar.
      2. We transform and improve ourself more as a person.
      Step_ 1. Start rec. Video share then on social media everyday.
      2.Don’t sell anything, only give knowledge and just add value.
      4. Offer 121.

      • Sumesh Chhabria

        Reason why most people are afraid of webinars –
        1. Start Recording. Video then on social media every day.
        2. Start with facing Rejections.
        3. Connect Deeper with Audience..
        4. By offering 121
        5 Then start with one Salea Webinar

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      How to kick off our webinars –
      1. Start Recording video and share on social media platforms
      2. Just add value in other people’s lives.
      3.Offer a free one to one.

    • Vivek Pravin Tole

      Starting Webinar will help in:
      – Build skills
      – Start facing rejections
      – Impact lives
      – Connect deeper with audience and self
      – Get better at sales
      – Build a money machine

      Basic of starting Webinar:
      – Post video alternate days with zoom link
      – Start with “no sales” webinar and connect back to social media.
      – Collect questions.
      – Offer free 1-2-1 sessions in some webinars
      – Start with 1 sales webinar after building confidence.

    • Aysha Vafa

      Why people can’t start Webinar with Confidence,
      Fear of sales, Rejection, Lack of Lead, not having budget for ads, concern what’d others think?, website/PPT not ready etc

      Why you must start Webinar?
      It’ll hep you building skills, build a thicker skin, You can taste the magic of impacting, Become good at sales eventually, you can create your own style of delivering the value

      How to build confidence?
      Start recording and upload in alternate days, start with no sales webinar, collect the questions to design the product, offer free 121 will helps to build depth in that topic

    • Manjunath Nadagoud

      Following are the key takeaways:
      1. Identify the fears,
      a. Fear of sales,
      b. Getting rejection,
      c. Leads,
      d. Budget on ads,
      e. Website,
      f. Product
      2. Start webinar to start learnings.
      a. Facing rejection
      b. Connect deeper
      c. Create a Magic to one person
      d. Deeper discovering ourself
      e. More Webinar leading to delivery of style
      f. Building money machine
      3. Get started by recording the videos and Link it to our webinar
      a. Get people into our webinar for free
      b. Connect back them to social media platform
      c. make 10 webinar to gain confident
      d. Collect all the Q&A during the webinar
      e. Operate what people asking for
      f. Offer free 1-1 webinar for few people
      g. At-least need to do 50 121s
      h. Start with one sales webinar
      i. With few Webinars start selling

    • Sweta sampat

      1. Free webinar for gaining confidence
      2.1 to 1 to know your client better
      3.Take rejection as part of growth.
      4.Get in to the field to experience the game.
      5.Diamond for fast track your journey.

    • Stalin Joseph Fernandez

      Why People Shy Away From Doing Webinars? –
      1) Fear of Sales
      2) Facing Rejection
      3) Lack of Leads
      4) Not Having the Budget
      5) Internal Fears
      6) Other Reasons – Website not ready, Content not ready etc.

      When You Start Doing Webinars –
      1) You Build Your Skills
      2) You become a thicker skin to face rejections
      3) You start tasting the magic of impacting at least 1 person life
      4) You start connecting deeper with the audience, it will purify you as a human, you become better person as a human.
      5) You transform people’s lives
      6) You will build your Money Making Machine

      So to build the Confidence –
      1) Start recording & posting at least 1 video every alternate day on Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube. And Link it to your Zoom Webinar.
      2) Start with NO Sales Webinar, get people to the Webinar for free, ask questions and answer them.
      3) Design your products as per people asking for details.
      4) Do one to one conversation with few people. Try to get done at least 50 one to one within 90 days period, basis which you can build confidence and also will help in creating better products.
      5) Get at least 1 Sales Webinar using SID – Webinar Selling Formula, and start selling after you do few Webinars, through which you can gain confidence.

    • Vijaya Parvathareddy

      My take aways: Why people don’t do webinars
      1. Fear of sales
      2. Fear of rejection
      3. Lack of leads
      4. Lack of budget
      5. Sales is thought to be sleazy – shifting from B2B – B2C
      6. Reasons like website or PPT’s not ready
      Why should I do webinars?
      1. Want to gain practical experience and skills
      2. To develop thicker skin to face rejections
      3. Magic of impacting that one life
      4. Practice of connecting deeper with an audience n learn more
      5. To become damn good at sales
      6. To create your own style of delivering, building money machine
      Ability to make more money
      Impact & inspire more people
      Freedom of time, to travel and
      have vacation
      What you need to do:
      1. Record and post one video alternative days on Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube and link it back to zoom webinar
      2. Do free webinars, don’t sell in the beginning
      3. Collect all questions and design the impact of your webinar
      4. Conduct a few 1-1 at the end of each webinar, min. 50 participants over a period of 90 days. This will help you to gain deeper knowledge n depth
      5. Then do a sales webinar for your courses.

    • Aaftaab Ali

      My Key Takeaways:

      1. Webinars r best tool for online selling. Learn webinar selling.

      2. Break ur internal resistances by doing webinars. U can also do some no Sales webinars.

      3. Don’t b afraid to face rejections.

      4. Do a lot of 121s to create a solid product.

      5. Have a proper lead generation system so as to get consistent visitors inside the webinar.


      I am now going to start my webinar… so before this podcast will help me to gear up my confidence.
      Following are the great takeaways from this webinar….

      A. Why People Shy Away From Doing Webinars? –
      1) Fear of Rejection
      2) Not Having the Budget
      5) Lack of confidence
      6) System and content are not ready etc.

      B. When You Start Doing Webinars –
      1) You will be able to connect your dots.
      2) Your inner immense power will be evolved
      3) You will understand yourself
      4) You start connecting deeper with the audience, it will purify you as a human, you become better person as a human.
      5) You transform people’s lives
      6) You will build your Money-Making Machine

      C. So to build the Confidence –
      1) Start recording & posting at least 1 video every alternate day on Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube. And Link it to your Zoom Webinar.
      2) Start with NO Sales Webinar, get people to the Webinar for free, ask questions and answer them.
      3) Design your products as per people asking for details.
      4) Do one to one conversation with few people. Try to get done at least 50 one to one within 90 days period, basis which you can build confidence and also will help in creating better products.
      5) Get at least 1 Sales Webinar using SID – Webinar Selling Formula, and start selling after you do few Webinars, through which you can gain confidence.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Webinar with confidence
      -Skills are built
      -Thick skin when you face rejection
      – Add value to one person atleast
      – The more webinar more the connect with Learners
      – The more webinar more money.
      – You will develop your own style.
      – Create a video n post on social platform
      -Practice with no sale webinar
      – Model The Webinar selling formula

    • Sujata Tole

      Thank you sidz🙏🙏🙏 for sharing very simple and powerful steps and giving awareness why we are not starting webinars? , why should we start doing webinars and How : action steps?

      Today I am announcing that : I am starting a webinar from this weekend only. Thanks for igniting that spark again…

      Reasons why people don’t start webinars:
      fear of sales
      getting rejected
      lack of leads
      lack of confidence
      not confident with own product
      reputation may go down
      website is not ready

      No taste sweeter than you adding a value in people’s life, people giving money, thanking you for the information you are providing

      Why I must start webinar?
      1. You will start building skills
      2. Start facing a rejection to become thicker skin
      3. Taste the magic of impacting one life
      4. Constant mode of practicing and learning, you will start evolving as a better person from inside
      5. You will be able to create your own style of delivering value
      6. You will be able to build your own money machine

      Now How to build this confidence: Action Steps for me:
      1.Start recording and posting one video every alternate day on Facebook, LinkedIn and you tube and link it back to your webinar
      2. start with no sales webinar, get people into your webinar for free, do your introduction, deliver content, answer questions and at the end of the webinar connect them to social media
      don’t sale any product . do at least 5-6 no sales webinar
      3. collect all the questions to design your product and design your offer
      4.Offer a free 1-1 session at the end of the webinar. Have at least 50 one to one conversations with the people within a span of 90days.
      5. start one sales webinar.

    • Renuka S

      Reason for Fear of Selling

      Fear of Getting into the Chase of selling and getting rejected, which makes them uncomfortable so people.prefer., to stay in comfort zone. Which is easier then selling

      Even after trying to sell still don’t get leads or very less show ups.making their confidence low , for consistency.

      Sales is always supported by advertising so if one doesn’t have budget for investment in ads they hesitate to sell.

      Also for a new product launch, many questions arise until the validity of product

      What if the product doesn’t go well, then worries about people’s negative feedbacks

      Non technical or not tech savvy they get afraid of getting into technical..

      When Website or Presentation slides are not ready.

      Only solution to overcome this fear is to start selling, accepting all the above obstacles and moving ahead in a systematic way of selling.
      Thinking one thing in mind Selling is serving and not asking… Keep practicing on daily or weekly basis.
      Thank you ..

    • Amitav Mukherjee

      Internal fears are one of the reason for not starting webinar
      1) Fear of sales
      2) Fear of rejection.
      3) Lack of leads
      4) Not having proper budget.
      This is probably the only business in the world where the people would love to give you the money for the values being provided to them to improve their lifestyle.

      Following are some of the benefits to start a Webinar:-
      1) You can build the necessary skills required to move in this journey.
      2) Will develop that thick skin to able to face the rejection.
      3) Its also a constant way of improving oneself.
      4) More webinars will result more good in sales.
      5) Will be able to develop one’s one money making machine.

      How to start doing Webinars:-
      1) Record one video on alternate days and post in the social media group and redirect them to the FREE webinar.
      2) Once you provide them the valuable information, don’t do sales for first 5-10 webinars…just redirect them again to the social media.
      3) Collect questions from the participants which would help further to improve oneself and design the courses accordingly.
      4) Offer free 121 sessions with the participants.

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      In this wonderful podcast, Sidz speaks about three things:

      Why people don’t start webinars?
      Why everyone should start.
      How to start webinarsselling.

      Sid says many people don’t start webinars because of a lot of internal fears like the fear of sales, what other people say, rejection, lack of leads, not having the budget, not having faith in the products, and not having a website.

      According to him, two things will help us overcome this:

      The way we can impact other people’s lives.
      The taste of money hitting the bank.

      As a person who has done more than 1000 webinars, he says webinars are one of the best ways to learn, face rejection, taste the magic of impacting, practice connection, and achieve self-purification.

      He concludes with how to start a webinar:

      Initially, we must create videos and post them alternately on YouTube and Instagram with the link to attend our event.
      It is good to start with no sales webinar to get a feel of it.
      Even if there are only a few people, collect the information that they are looking for.
      Connect one-to-one (121) with at least 50 people.
      Then launch.

      Thank you Sidz.

    • Ananth

      How to build ?
      1. Start recording and posting 1 video every alternate day of FB, LinkedIn and Facebook. End of them, link it back to zoom webinar
      2. Start with free webinars – Do your introduction, deliver content, get questions and answers. Don’t sell any products
      3. Collect all questions to design you product and system
      4. Offer a free 1-1 [ Have 50 1-1 within a span of 90 days ]
      5. Start with 1 Sales webinar following Sid’s one webinar selling formula and start selling

    • Abanibhusan Bera

      Bullet Points – based on Sid’s experience of =doing more than 1000 webinars.
      3 Topics on Webinar Selling:
      1. Reasons why most people don’t starts
      2. Reasons Why One Must start, i.e. importance of WS
      3. Few steps to build confidence

      1. Reasons of Not starting:
      a. Fear of sales … jittery of asking money.
      b. Fear of rejection
      c. Lack of lead generation even after 3-4 videos & very less ads. & also no body shows up in webinar
      d. Not having budgets for running ads in face book etc., not having budget, not having confidence on one’s own products .
      e. Fear of what other people will think… like being in sales in B2C etc.
      f. lack of readiness of things like Website, product boxes, PPTs etc.

      Sid also had all these challenges & have been procrastinating for long times but his experience is doing it will help in having money coming to bank accounts & that too people giving money willingly.

      2. Reasons of why one must start
      a. It will help building skills… theory like reading, listening etc. doesn’t help develop skills but practicing alone will help in building the skills. Many people just go on learning, learning &learning but just not start
      b. Sid wants to face rejection to build a thicker skin (awesome!!). If you be fragile listening to tough comments of audience etc. then making money in Webinar will be a distant reality.
      c. To taste the magic of impacting even a one life. Even if there is one person, give our heart & soul to it, Gove your value which will impact him/her & that will have a magic effect.
      c. While there will be more people like 5 – 10 etc, deeper connection will be developed. Not only that there will be opportunity to learn, get feedback, & learn and learn. (that’s why Sid like Webinar unlike other people who preaches against it & asked to go for high ticket selling). More webinar is done, more deeper connections are developed & it;s a form of therapy which will make one a pure person.
      d. It will help one to be damn good @sales which will help earn lots of money. It’s not about making money alone one will be transforming one’s life.
      e. Help create one’s own style of delivering value.
      f. It will help one to build his or he money machine.
      This is the only business which help in 3 criterion: i. ability to make more, ii. ability to inspire more people and impact them & iii. ability to enjoy freedom without travel etc.
      3. How to Build Confidence.
      Step 1: Start recording video every alternate day & post in Facebook, LinkedIn & Youtube. At the end of video to link back to zoom Webinar.
      Step 2: Start with “No Sales Webinar”. Get people in Webinar Free, Deliver Content, Answer Questions & connect them back to social media… not to sale any product. To do 5-10 such webinars to gain confidence.
      Step 3: To Collect All the Questions to design product, to design offer based on what people are asking for.
      Step 4: Offer free 121 @the end of Webinar (some webinars)… to do with maximum 50 people in a span of 90 days to build depth in your topics & build better products.
      Step 5: To start one sales webinar following Sid’s Webinar Selling Formula & start selling after doing few webinars.

      This will help in building an army of well-intended learners & students in one’s community to together make difference to other people’s lives.

    • Khurshed Batliwala

      Love it that you say start with those free websinars and the 50 1 to 1s – this will truly build depth and experience that you so require to make a real difference to people.

    • Lakshmi Nanduri

      Issues and Challenges:

      Fear of conducting webinars and podcasting.
      Roadblocks like fear of sales, rejection anxiety, and scarcity of leads.
      Concerns about judgment, budget, and reputation.
      Hesitation to start due to lack of experience and fear of criticism.

      Solutions to Handle:

      Building confidence through practice: start with non-sales webinars.
      Overcoming fear by engaging in webinars and podcasting regularly.
      Tackling rejection and criticism as a part of the learning process.
      Focusing on impacting lives, even if it’s just one person at a time.
      Emphasizing the importance of connecting deeply with a small audience.
      Using social media to promote and link back to webinars.
      Offering free one-on-one sessions to boost engagement and confidence.
      Gradually transitioning to sales webinars to experience financial growth.

    • Gita Ramachandran

      • Reason why people don’t start their Podcast
      • Why you must start
      • How u can build confidence
      Why they don’t start the Webinars
      1. Fear of Sales as they nevous when asking for Money
      2. Not being able to face rejection
      3. Lack of leads , as even people don’t show up.
      4. Other fears like 1) budget not there , 2) unable to do FB Ads, 3)Not confident of one’s own Product 4)Fear of what will people will think or affect one’s reputation 5)at times not having one’s Website/ production Boxes or PPTs ready
      Reasons why one should start Webinars is
      1. Once you taste the feeling of Money hitting your bank, you will never go back as you are getting money with lot of gratitude from people
      2. When you start webinars , you will start building skills
      3. You will start facing rejections which in turn will start building thick skin,
      4. If you give your heart and Soul, you will start feeling the Magic of impacting, even if it is for 1 person.
      5. You will gain the practice of connecting deeper with the audience
      6. You will also improve as you start discovering more and more about yourselves
      7. The more webinars one does, the deeper one is able to connect , and like a therapy, it will purify you as a person
      8. The more webinars one does , the better one gets at Sales and you will be able to make money
      9. As you start transforming people ,you will develop your own style of delivering
      10. Your ability to make money , and impact more and people increase
      How do you go About :
      1. Start recording and posting 1 vedio on Social Media
      2. Start webinars with out selling anything
      3. Collect questions in each Webinar
      4. Offer 1 2 1 after each Webinar
      5. Build an army of learners
      Gita Ramachandran

    • Chinnaiyan Ayyasamy

      Why most of the people don’t start webinar?
      1. Fear of Sales
      2. Fear of Rejection
      3. Lack of confidence to create leads
      4. Website or PPT not ready
      5. Not having confidence on own product
      6. What other people think about me

      Why I must start doing webinars?
      1. I will build the skills of sales, persuasion, and human phycology over the period of time
      2. I will build a thick skin to face the rejection
      3. I will constantly improve/transform myself as a better person
      4.I will find my own style in the process of doing it.

      How to build confidence?
      1. One video record and post in alternative day in FB, Linkedin & Youtube and link the webinar link end of the video
      2. First give 6-10 free webinars with great content and collect all the questions people asked, it will help to build a better product in coming sales webinar
      3. Have free 1 on 1 session for about 90 days after the free webinar to know the better on the market needs from us and create better product
      4. Finally start with one sales webinar to sell by following Sid formula, once you are able to sell your product and money hits your account then no look back, you will be unstoppable till then you have to face the hustle.

    • Santosh Pawaskar

      Webinar is the ultimate way to scale your digital buy. Once you break through and once you taste the sweetness of value creation and see those money hitting your bank account – there’s no turning back. Even If there is one person give the value with high enthusiasm. Be consistent and win the game.

    • Santosh Pawaskar

      Webinar is the ultimate way to scale your digital buy. Once you taste the sweetness of value creation and see those money hitting your bank account – you don’t need to look back. Even If there is one person give the value with high enthusiasm. Be consistent and win the game.

    • Vinod K. Pandita

      Repetition is the key, I am a diamond member for almost a year now and have tasted the success of Webinars but am still struggling with a good number of people showing up in my Webinars.

      I have learnt today on 3rd January again from you in this podcast following key points:

      1. Post one video on all social media handles every alternate day with webinar link to attract target audience organically.

      2. Conduct one to one sessions to know what target customer really wants to resolve his problems.

      3. Conduct Webinars without selling anything to build credibility.

      4. After building a database of 650 leads from Facebook ads I am not nurturing them enough and today I am again energised to reach out to them with various ways.

      5. To face rejections head on and start tasting money in the bank while serving people with value.

      Thank you Sidz for such a value you are delivering everytime.

      I wish you best wishes to complete your 90 days podcast challenge.

    • Pantha Mallick

      People hesitate to kickstart their webinar journey because of fear of sales, rejection anxiety, and a scarcity of leads.

      Reasons to start a webinar:

      Ticket to building practical skills
      Brace ourselves for rejections and criticism
      A journey for self-discovery and improvement
      Help to connect deeper with audience and transform lives
      Get better at sales
      Build money machine

      How to build confidence for a webinar:
      Record and post video on social media and link them back to zoom webinar
      Start with “no sales” webinar
      Collect questions
      Offer free one-on-one
      Start with one sales webinar and experience the impact.

      A webinar is a journey, a process; the more we engage, the more we’ll become the masters of our own destiny.

    • praful C Varma

      This is an awesome podcast my key takeaway is as under :

      1. Reasons Why People Don’t Start Webinars
      *Fear of sales and asking for money.
      *Fear of rejection.
      *Difficulty generating leads and low turnout.
      *Lack of budget for ads, confidence in their products, or readiness with
      necessary materials like websites or presentations.
      *Concerns about reputation and what others might think.

      2. Reasons Why You Must Start Webinars:
      *Realizing the gratitude and value when money starts coming in willingly from
      *Building practical skills that theory alone can’t provide.
      *Developing resilience by facing rejection and criticism.
      *Making an impact, even if it’s on just one person’s life.
      *Creating deeper connections with a smaller audience for meaningful
      *Discovering personal growth and transformation through the process.
      *Improving sales abilities and transforming lives while finding your unique
      delivery style.
      3. Steps to Build Confidence:
      *Start recording and posting videos regularly on social media, linking back to
      your webinar.
      *Begin with non-sales webinars to offer valuable content and gather audience
      *Use collected questions to shape and improve your offerings.
      *Offer free one-on-one sessions to dive deeper into your audience’s needs.
      *Gradually transition to sales-oriented webinars using a proven formula, once
      you’ve gained confidence and experience.
      Embrace the fear, focus on building skills through practice, and gradually transition from non-sales to sales-focused webinars while valuing every interaction and impact made along the way.

    • Balaji Sampath Kumar

      fear of sales
      fear of getting rejected
      lack of leads
      not having the budget
      webiste/product not ready
      fear of other’s opinion.

      skills.. webinar…

      face rejection.. build thicker skin…

      taste the magic of impacting life. give the heart and soul.

      connect deeper with audience.

      its a therapy…

      u will learn more, u will be better as a person

      its not abt money, its abt transforming lives.

      develop ur own style.

      money machine…..

      how to build ur confidence.

      alternate days on video on fb/linkedin../youtube connect bk to social media

      no sales webinar.

      collect all the questions…. and design the course

      50 121 for free

      webinar selling formula.

    • Gaurang Gohil

      Why you must start your webinar?
      1. Start because you will start building skills by launching it (come out from learning zone)
      2. Face Rejection to become a thicker skin
      3. Test the magic of impacting 1 persons life from your webinar, once you taste that you will never look back
      4. connecting with people on deeper level when you have less people, its like a therapy to purify yourself as a person and impact your own life with that.
      5. More webinars will lead you to be good at sales, and you will be able to transform the lives of people
      6. Create your own style of delivering value
      7. Build your own money machine: 3 things you get with at same time

      1. Start impacting people
      2. Work without travel
      3. Earn Money

      To build confidence, do what you needs to do.
      1. Start posting 1 video on YT, LI, FB and link it with your zoom webinar
      2. Start with no sales webinar
      3. Collect all questions and design offer based on what they are asking for
      4. Offer free 121 session. (min. 50 121 in 90 days)
      5. Start with 1 sales webinar and start selling it.

    • Ram Lokesh Nagar

      Learn from this Podcast
      1. Why People don’t do webinars?
      – Fear of sales
      – Lack of leads
      – Not having budgets to run FB ads
      – Fear of reputation down if no sales
      – Websites, Products, and PPTs are not ready

      2. Why Must start Webinars
      The reasons are:-
      – Building skills to face people, Only learning is like swimming without entering on pool.
      – Facing rejection but still doing webinar webinar webinar……
      – If only one person comes on the webinar give a valve from your heart and soul.
      – do practice before coming to the webinar, it makes you perfect and builds confidence.
      – more webinars to connect more deeper audience
      – You transform people’s lives it’s not about money.
      – Ability to make more money and inspire people.

      3. How to build confidence

      – Start recording and posting alternately on FB, LinkedIn, and YouTube
      – Starting with no sales webinars
      – Collect all the questions based on your products.
      – Offer free one-to-one session
      – You build confidence and knowledge
      – Once you hit the money in your bank account, you will never STOP.

      Thank you

    • Debasmita Basu

      Embarking on a journey to amplify your online presence and expertise involves a strategic blend of video content creation, engaging with your audience on social media, and seamlessly linking them to your Zoom webinars. Here’s a comprehensive roadmap to elevate your professional profile:

      Step 1: Video Content Creation
      Begin by crafting captivating and informative videos that showcase your expertise. These videos serve as a teaser for your upcoming Zoom webinars. Focus on providing valuable insights, tips, or short tutorials relevant to your field. Maintain a consistent posting schedule to build anticipation.

      Step 2: Linking to Zoom Webinars
      In each video description or caption, strategically include links directing viewers to your Zoom webinar registration page. Ensure clarity and simplicity in the call-to-action, motivating your audience to take the next step in their journey with you.

      Step 3: No-Sales Webinars
      Host a series of initial no-sales webinars to establish credibility and build a rapport with your audience. These webinars should prioritize value delivery over promotional content. Aim for a minimum of 5-6 sessions to establish a strong foundation.

      Step 4: Question Collection
      Encourage active participation during your no-sales webinars by inviting questions from the audience. Collecting these questions will serve a dual purpose: understanding your audience’s concerns and shaping future content based on their needs.

      Step 5: Offer Free One-on-One Sessions
      As a gesture of appreciation and personalized engagement, offer free one-on-one sessions to select participants. This not only builds trust but also provides valuable insights into individual needs and challenges.

      Step 6: Confidence Building
      The amalgamation of consistent video content, no-sales webinars, and personalized interactions contributes to the gradual buildup of your confidence. It showcases your commitment to your audience’s success, reinforcing your position as a knowledgeable authority.

      By meticulously following this roadmap, you’re not only leveraging the power of video content and social media but also fostering a community around your expertise. This approach lays a strong foundation for a successful Zoom webinar series, enriching both you and your audience on this professional journey.

    • Rakesh Mahalley

      It’s really an amazing podcast 👏 . And here are my few takeaways.

      The reasons why people don’t start webinars as follows:

      ➡️ Fear of Sales:
      ➡️ Fear 😨 of facing rejections.
      ➡️ Lack of Leads:
      They are not able to generate leads. As
      they are doing less content creation. And if
      they do webinars no one show up as they
      are doing it very rarely.
      ➡️ Budget:
      Not having enough Budget to run Fb ads
      ➡️ Not Confident about their own product.
      ➡️ Fear 😨 of Reputation ,what other people will
      think 🤔 .
      ➡️ The another reason is that sometimes their
      website is not ready or product or ppt is not
      upto mark.

      Now , we will see why one should start doing webinars as follows:

      ➡️ As soon as you start doing webinars you
      start building 👷‍♂️ skills. As unless and until
      you don’t implement there is no use of
      having deep knowledge in the subject.
      ➡️ To build a thicker skin one should face
      ➡️ Taste the magic 🎩 ✨️ of impacting even
      one life.
      ➡️ The more you do webinars you get more
      practice to get connected with your
      audience more deeper.
      ➡️ Discover more about yourself as a person.
      ➡️ You become good at sells.
      ➡️ You develop your own style.
      ➡️ you develop your own money 💰 🤑 💸
      ➡️ This is the only business where it fulfill the 3
      1. Your ability to make more money 💰.
      2. Your ability to inspire more people &
      impact them .
      3. Your ability to have freedom in all areas.

      Now we will see how one can build the confidence as follows:

      ➡️ Start recording & posting one video every
      alternate day on Fb ,LinkedIn and YouTube.
      And end of the video give link of your zoom
      ➡️ Start with no sales webinars. Do it free just to
      gain your confidence.
      ➡️ Collect all questions to design your
      product/offer .
      ➡️ Offer free 1:1 session. Have 50 1:1 sessions
      within 90 days .
      ➡️ Start with one sales webinar by following
      webinar selling formula.

      So these are the steps you can kick off your webinars with confidence.

    • Deepali Honyalkar

      This is so powerful. Thik skin is must. I also strongly believe that the more ai do the webinars, the more I will be able to add my flavours to it. Thanks Sidz.

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