I'm inspired by Nalanda University and the way they operated 1500+ years ago.I share 13 aspects about this institution and how I'm modeling them.

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    22 replies to "How I’m Building My Community Inspired By Nalanda University"


      Thank you very much Sidz to bring a absolutely fascinating to learn that Nalanda, a 1500-year-old educational institution, stood as a beacon of ancient learning and knowledge. Remarkable how its legacy continues to inspire education and innovation even today

    • Amitav Mukherjee

      The podcast really draws inspiration from the rich legacy of Nalanda University to shape the ethos of the community, the “Internet Lifestyle Hub.” Several key aspects from Nalanda are seamlessly integrated into the spirit of this digital community:

      1) Unbounded Knowledge Gift:
      Nalanda’s commitment to the continuous flow of knowledge is echoed in ILH’s mission to foster boundless learning in the digital community.

      2) Libraries of Wisdom:
      Nalanda’s massive libraries find a parallel in ILH’s digital realm, thriving on diverse knowledge, from traditional wisdom to cutting-edge digital strategies.

      3) Teacher-Student Connection:
      The close relationship between teachers and students at Nalanda inspires to be more than just a digital mentor, incorporating personal experiences to foster a genuine connection.

      4) International Hub of Wisdom:
      Nalanda’s global attraction is mirrored in ILH community, which embraces a global perspective, welcoming members from diverse backgrounds.

      5) Inclusivity and Secularity:
      Nalanda’s inclusive and secular ethos finds resonance in ILH community, celebrating diversity under a common set of grounded values.

      6) Open-minded Learning:
      Nalanda’s open-minded approach is reflected in ILH community, fostering an environment that encourages the exchange of perspectives.

      7) Everlasting Impact:
      Nalanda’s enduring influence inspires Siddharth to create a lasting impact on the education landscape through his digital community.

      8) Artistic Flourish:
      The community encourages not only academic growth but also creative expression, mirroring Nalanda’s vibrant artistic community.

      9)Tolerance and Coexistence:
      Nalanda’s spirit of coexistence is upheld in the ILH tribe, providing a harmonious space for individuals with different beliefs.

      10) Sustainable Community:
      The community also draws inspiration from Nalanda’s self-sustaining economic system to create a digital hub supporting both academic and residential needs.

      11) Global Intellectual Discourse:
      Nalanda’s role as a hub for intellectual discourses is reflected in ILH community, fostering discussions that transcend boundaries.

      12) Holistic Education:
      The community promotes a holistic approach to education, incorporating elements of yoga and meditation for physical and mental well-being, akin to Nalanda.

      By infusing these elements, ILH community is on a mission to redefine the education landscape, creating a self-sustaining digital university for the future. It aims to nurture leaders who will transform the outdated education system and produce a new breed of visionary leaders. The emphasis is not just on imparting knowledge but on building a community that truly transforms lives, shaping a world where knowledge knows no bounds

    • Lakshmi Nanduri

      Sidz views for building ILH as Nalanda for Digital Community:

      Incorporate into ILH community for a greater good of India and global
      Incorporate as more of a value-system where education also include Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects
      Strong mentor-mentee through digital teaching.
      Respect diverse backgrounds and diverse philosophies
      Open-minded environment
      Artistic growth and encouragement
      Aspiration to build a self-sustaining digital hub comprising of traits of Nalanda outlined below
      Center for thought leaders, coaches, trainers – influencing the world
      Holistic approach to education

      Nalanda was an ancient center of higher learning with over 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students.
      Known for its extensive library, Dharma Gunj (Mountain of Truth) or Ratnodadhi (Sea of Gems).
      Close teacher-student relationship and daily value-based interactions.
      Attracted international scholars – cultural exchange
      Diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.
      open-minded learning and freedom.
      Nurtured a vibrant artistic community.
      Different philosophical and religious traditions.
      Economic system for community welfare.
      Hub for global learners and diplomats.
      Yoga and meditation also existed

      • SHASHIDHAR B P Achar

        Thank you, SR, loved the information,

    • Pantha Mallick

      The ancient halls of Nalanda may resonate from a bygone era, but their whispers echo strongly in my vision for a modern community. Witnessing a world thirsting for connection, purpose, and intellectual exchange, I find myself drawing inspiration from this legendary seat of learning, weaving its spirit into the very fabric of my community-building project.

      Building a community inspired by Nalanda is not about replicating the past but about harnessing its essence for the present. It’s about creating a space where minds collide, hearts connect, and knowledge becomes a bridge, not a barrier. This is the legacy I hope to leave behind, a vibrant testament to the enduring power of Nalanda’s spirit in our modern world.

    • Ananth

      ILLH – How I’m building my community inspired by Nalanda Univeristy

      Nalanda – Na – alam -da : “No stopping of the gift of Knowledge”
      What you teach doesn’t matter, the way you teach matters the most.

      13 aspects of Nalanda where knowledge flowed like a ceaseless river.

      1. The Gift of Knowledge Unbound
      2. Libraries of Wisdom
      3. Teacher-Student Connection
      4. International Hub of Wisdom
      5. Internationalism
      6. Inclusivity and Secularity
      7. Open-minded Learning
      8. Everlasting Impact
      9. Artistic Flourish
      10. Tolerance and Coexistence
      11. Sustainable Community
      12. Global Intellectual Discourse
      13. Holistic Education

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Thank you Sidz. Nice to learn about the Nalanda University
      1. No stopping from Learning the Knowledge
      2. Teacher learner In close Proximity
      3. A community driven by your values
      4. A community which nurtures the inner being
      5. A hub with diverse learners

    • Dr Hema Gupta

      The core principles of ILH are founded on the basis of Nalanda university.
      1. The word Nalanda means no stopping of knowledge, enhancing the importance of being a life long learner.
      2. Relation between teacher and students is highly revered, help in exchange of values.
      3. International hub of knowledge- cultural exchange, helps us gain a different perspective
      4. Inclusive and secular atmosphere- open minded approach
      5. Formed the intellectual foundation of Asia
      6. Promotion of creative abilities in addition to the curriculum.
      7. Tolerance of each other in a multi cultural environment
      8. Self sustaining community
      9. Physical and mental wellbeing along with academics
      10. We need to have Values and aligned culture
      11. It’s not about what you teach it’s about the way you teach.

    • Sumana Mukherjee

      Thank you Sid. Its so wonderful that you picked this topic and what better way to model an educational community than to refer to Nalanda! What makes me happiest is the elements of Nalanda Community that you highlighted. I am sharing it with my community. Thanks.

    • Aaftaab Ali

      My Key Learning wrapped in a single sentence

      Create a space where there’s free flow of knowledge, with strong value system and aligned secular culture that brings the best in students so they themselves grow and become leaders.

    • Monalisa Lal

      I ca so resonate with your thought as I stay in the state of Nalanda University- and this always crossed my mind how can we restructure or revamp this prestigious university.

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      Thirteen Aspects of the World’s Oldest University – Nalanda

      Sidz has shared insights into the thirteen aspects of the world’s oldest university, Nalanda, as follows:

      Etymology: The word “Nalanda” signifies “There is no stopping for the gist of knowledge.”

      Massive Library: Nalanda boasted a massive library.

      Special Teacher-Student Relationship: The bond between teachers and students was unique.

      International Students: Nalanda attracted a diverse student body from around the world.

      Cultural Exchange: The university actively promoted cultural exchange.

      Open-Minded Approach: Nalanda encouraged an open-minded approach to learning.

      Enduring Influence: Its influence extended beyond its historical period.

      Vibrant Artistic Community: Nalanda housed a vibrant artistic community.

      Spirit of Tolerance: The institution fostered a high level of tolerance.

      Self-Sustainable Ecosystem: Nalanda had a self-sustainable ecosystem.

      Lectures by International Dignitaries: The university invited international dignitaries for lectures.

      Holistic Education: Nalanda incorporated both mental and physical aspects into its education system.

      Inspiration for Sidz: Inspired by Nalanda, Sidz aims to instil the spirit in his students by:

      Creating leaders akin to great universities.
      Upholding a culture of high values.
      Teaching in a manner that brings out the best in his students.
      Enabling his students to bring out the best in their students.
      In essence, Sidz seeks to introduce a new model of education that is value-based and deeply rooted in our culture.
      Great initiative!
      Thank you Sidz.

    • Manjunath Nadagoud

      Here are my key takeaways:

      1. Nalanda meaning: No stopping of the gift of knowledge.
      2. It’s a mountain of truth
      3. Sea of gems
      4. It’s a library with Vedic text and Buddhist text
      5. Facilitated open learnings atmosphere
      6. Showed the relationship between teachers and students. How they lived in close proximity
      7. It used to be a hub for international scholar
      8. Promoted culture exchange and global perspective of education
      9. Inclusive and secular atmosphere
      10. Showed the open mindedness
      11. Went behind its historic period
      12. Artistic community
      13. Co-existed of different religion and philosopher
      14. Self-Sustaining in terms of funding and Agriculture
      15. Great Diplomats
      16. Incorporated yoga and meditation practices
      17. promoted physical and mental well being
      18. Create more leaders, who creates more university
      19. Not what you teach, it’s the way you teach.

    • Abanibhusan Bera

      Though like many others I had studied about Nalanda in our schooldays, but today’s podcast of Sid enriched my knowledge further. Below are the points captured while listening to Sid’s podcast wherein he shared that he is inspired by Nalanda & wants to create institutions like Nalanda. Nalanda University has been the epicentre for global learning more than 1500+ years ago. People from all of the globe have been coming here to learn. The numbers have been like 10000 students & 2000 teachers. It is the first university in the world having an awesome infrastructure. Sid’s top 100 students inspired 3 lacs students. The nos. are higher because of current digital realm & not physical realm. Sid’s ILH has 30000 students in community paying a good amount of money.
      As shared by Sid:
      1. The world Nalanda is a combination of 3 words (Sanskrit words): Na + Alam + Daa meaning ”no stopping of the gift of Knowledge”.
      2. Had a massive Library called Dharma Gunj (Mountain of Truth ) or Ratnodadhi (Sea of Gems). The library had collection of Vedic texts, Buddhist texts etc. & had something like an open atmosphere of learning
      3. The relation between Students & teachers was great. The students not only learn from their students but lived in close proximity and imbibing their values. Sid is doing the same thing in ILH by deeply interacting & connecting with students every week when he is connecting, sharing how is leading his life & tries to give personal touch so that students can connect with him as a human being.
      4. it has been international hub for students & scholars. People from all parts of the world including China, Korea, Japan etc, studied here
      5. This internationalism promoted cultural exchange & a global perspective on education.
      6. Nalanda is known for its inclusive & secular atmosphere. It welcomed students from diverse culture & background. Sid is also trying to do the same with his community having students of diverse culture, religion & background but when they come to ILH they follow common and grounded and rooted values within them
      7. The open-minded approach of Nalanda contributed to the rich tapestry of ideas & perspectives. It has been not a narrow-minded approach but an open-minded approach.
      8. Nalanda’s impact went beyond its historical period. It’s contributed to the intellectual foundation of Asia. What Asia is today because of Nalanda University.
      9. It had vibrant artistic community that produced exquisite cultures, paintings, manuscripts etc. & it really brought about creative arts & not just academic stuff
      10. It’s spirit of tolerance & inclusivity allowed for co-existence of different philosophies & intellectual traditions.
      11. It had a self-sustainable economic system meaning that it’s endowment, donations & agricultural lands provided resources to support academic & residential needs of communities which is amazing
      12. The envoys of diplomats & emissaries of different parts of the world and visited Nalanda and engaged in intellectual discourses & negotiation. While Sid coined his community as Internet Lifestyle Hub, he did not understand the essence of the word hub. To him Nalanda was truly a hub.
      13. Nalanda likely incorporated Yoga & meditation practices in their curriculum. It promoted both physical & spiritual well-being which is missing in current education system.

      Sid talked about how he plans to bring about his community initiatives based on Nalanda University. Few points which is captured are:

      a. Trying to create more leaders who can create Universities of the future because as per him current education system is outdated and broken & is not catering to the needs of the students. Sid shared what he came to know from his relatives & friends who are studying in Ivy League Universities regarding the messed-up system there. Culturally it has shifted & but has not been like this even 10-15byears back. Though the universities have brands big universities but they don’t address moral issues, ethical issues etc. Sid is trying to build a university taking inspiration from Nalanda to build strong values at the base. Trying set a bunch of riles which protects students from themselves. Trying to build an aligned culture meaning whenever anyone join ILH community Sid talks about code of honour & the 6 pillars on which this community stands & those are: freedom, growth, clarity, efficiency, abundance & contribution.
      b. Sid talked about his mentor Blair Singer’s quote: it’s not about what you teach but the way you teach makes a difference. Sid tries to bring about the best out of the students through his process like Hackathon. He again quoted Blair singer saying “Everybody is a genius. Everybody has a genius in them but it is covered by so many layers of stuff which is built over years through schooling, from family etc.’

    • Sarthak Kalani

      Very thoughtful initiative!

    • praful C Varma

      Highlighting the key points drawn from the building of a digital community inspired by Nalanda University:
      #ILH aims to perpetuate endless learning similar to Nalanda’s commitment to
      knowledge dissemination.
      #Emulating Nalanda’s extensive libraries, ILH thrives on diverse knowledge.
      #Strives to be more than digital mentors, fostering personal connections akin to
      #Welcoming diverse backgrounds, mirroring Nalanda’s international attraction.
      #Embracing diversity under common grounded values, akin to Nalanda’s ethos.
      #Encouraging the exchange of perspectives, mirroring Nalanda’s approach.
      #Inspired by Nalanda’s legacy, aiming to impact the education landscape.
      #Encouraging creativity, reflecting Nalanda’s vibrant artistic community.
      #Promoting harmony despite diverse beliefs.
      #Drawing inspiration for a self-sustaining digital hub from Nalanda’s economic
      #Fostering discussions transcending boundaries like Nalanda.
      #Incorporating elements of yoga and meditation, mirroring Nalanda’s focus on
      physical and mental well-being.



      Nalanda – Na – alam -da : “No stopping of the gift of Knowledge”
      What you teach doesn’t matter, the way you teach matters the most.

      13 aspects of Nalanda where knowledge flowed like a ceaseless river.

      1. The Gift of Knowledge Unbound
      2. Libraries of Wisdom
      3. Teacher-Student Connection
      4. International Hub of Wisdom
      5. Internationalism
      6. Inclusivity and Secularity
      7. Open-minded Learning
      8. Everlasting Impact
      9. Artistic Flourish
      10. Tolerance and Coexistence
      11. Sustainable Community
      12. Global Intellectual Discourse
      13. Holistic Education

    • Rakesh Mahalley

      This podcast throws light on how Sidz is building 👷‍♂️ his community inspired by Nalanda University. This is really very inspiring 👏 🙌 ❤️

      ➡️ It is the first University of world 🌎. Having a
      rich legacy .
      ➡️ The word Nalanda is Sanskrit combination
      of 3
      words Na + Alam + Daa, meaning no
      stopping of the gift of the knowledge.
      ➡️ Nalanda have a massive library known as
      Dharma Gunj ( mountain ⛰️ of truth ) as
      well as Ratnodadhi (sea of gems 💎) . They
      have library of all ancient vedic text . Having
      open kind of learning atmosphere.
      ➡️ Relationship between Teacher’s and
      students :
      Through their daily interactions they are
      not only learning but also developing
      values by listening to personal experiences
      & build a genuine connection or bond.
      ➡️ It is worldwide /international hub :
      The students are coming from diverse
      backgrounds from worldwide 🌐.
      ➡️ This promotes cultural exchange globally.
      ➡️ They have very healthy atmosphere for
      learning as students are coming from
      diverse backgrounds with different religions
      still they are welcome warmly. And treated
      ➡️ It has very Open minded approach .
      ➡️ It’s impact is beyond it’s historical period. It
      influenced later many educational
      institutions & contributed as foundation of
      ➡️ It had vibrant artistic community .
      ➡️ Spirit of tolerance.
      ➡️ They provide resources for academic.
      ➡️ They promote Yoga 🧘‍♂️ and meditation
      practices. They promote physical and
      mental well-being along academics.

      So following these values of Nalanda in ILH following values are followed

      ➡️ To create more leaders who can create
      universities of future.
      ➡️ Having aligned culture.
      ➡️ Follows code of honor 🎖 & 6 pillars on
      which ILh community stands are
      1. Freedom
      2. Growth
      3. Clarity
      4. Efficiency
      5. Abundance
      6. Contributions
      ➡️ The way you teach is more matters so that v
      your students geniuses comes out .

      So, one should always have such code of honor 🎖 or values while building 👷‍♂️ a community. 🙌


      Everytime you are coming up something outstanding teachings…and I love to learn Nd implement
      It’s truly said that our current education system is broken….. somehow values are missing and majority times …there focus is in only curriculum
      Thank you that you are delivering such a good information that helps me grow up my child by inculcating these values apart from only bookish knowledge

      Thank you Sir 😀

    • Debasmita Basu

      My Biggest takeaways
      Nalanda’s Legacy: Nalanda University, a millennium-old seat of global learning.

      Gift of Knowledge Unbound: Nalanda’s name reflects its commitment to the ceaseless gift of knowledge.

      Libraries of Wisdom: Nalanda’s massive libraries akin to my digital realm’s diverse knowledge.

      Teacher-Student Connection: Close relationships at Nalanda inspire a personal touch in my digital mentorship.

      International Hub: Nalanda’s global appeal mirrors my digital community’s diverse backgrounds.

      Inclusivity and Secularity: Nalanda’s inclusive ethos aligns with my community’s celebration of diversity.

      Open-minded Learning: Nalanda’s open-minded approach resonates in my community’s environment.

      Everlasting Impact: Nalanda’s enduring influence parallels my vision for a lasting impact on education.

      Artistic Flourish: Nalanda’s artistic community mirrors creative expression encouraged in my community.

      Tolerance and Coexistence: Nalanda’s coexistence echoes in my community’s harmonious space.

      Sustainable Community: Nalanda’s self-sustaining model inspires a similar vision for my digital hub.

      Global Intellectual Discourse: Nalanda’s intellectual attraction aligns with my community fostering global discussions.

      Holistic Education: Nalanda’s emphasis on yoga and meditation reflects in my community’s holistic approach.
      Siddharth emphasizes the profound wisdom of his mentor, Blair Singer, underscoring the significance of instructional methodology over the content itself. In alignment with Singer’s philosophy, Siddharth employs transformative processes, such as the Hackathon, to extract the inherent genius within each student. Singer’s assertion, reiterated by Siddharth, posits that despite the layers of influence accumulated through schooling and familial experiences, every individual possesses an innate genius waiting to be unveiled. This underscores Siddharth’s commitment to nurturing students’ true potential by fostering an environment that transcends conventional educational paradigms.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Debasmita Basu

    • Mayank Jain

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your exploration of modern Indian education! It’s inspiring to see how the landscape is evolving to meet the needs of today’s learners. Your insights shed light on the progressive approaches being adopted, which are crucial for nurturing well-rounded individuals in this fast-paced world. It’s particularly fascinating to learn about initiatives like the JP Nagar schools with excellent facilities, which exemplify the commitment to providing holistic learning environments. Keep up the great work in redefining learning and shaping the future of education!


      The concept of Nalanda:
      1.A culture of learning without any prejudice and bias. A open environment to learn and be a world citizen, a better human being.
      2. It is a repository of knowledge of all kinds.
      3. It was self sufficient in producing the resources needed for its functioning. A sustainable model of an education system.
      4. Atmosphere of openness where students and teachers stay together enriching each other with a healthy emotional relationship.

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