Do you want to know what are the qualities of a good teacher? In this podcast, I share the top 10 qualities that I have learned from my teachers who have enabled me to build a super-profitable digital business online.

Here are the top 10 qualities:
1. Simply Concepts
2. Walk The Talk
3. Master Of Their Subject
4. Bigger Mission
5. Creating Engagement
6. Tactically Skilled
7. Tough Love
8. Ability To Use Right Media
9. Provide A Journey / Path
10. Deliver Results For Students

And by the time you are done with this episode, you will have absolute clarity and conviction to scale up your digital coaching business.

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    8 replies to "Top 10 Qualities Of Great Teachers"

    • Mahathi Gorthi

      My learning
      Have a bigger mission
      Walk the talk
      Students success is the teacher’s success

    • Noble

      My Gratitude to you and ILH Family,
      My learning from this podcast.
      Transformation is very important.
      The way you teach it is very important.
      Simplicity is the key.
      Learn, do and teach is golden triangle of 21st century.
      Engagement in teaching is very important.
      Way the talk is super important.
      Applying teaching.
      Master of the subject.


    • Rajani KS


      This podcast by sidz has set all the essential attributes of a good teacher in correct perspective.

      My learnings:

      1. The next generation teachers must be ready for the digital revolution, otherwise teachers will be fossilized pieces.
      2. How the concepts and skills are taught vital for the new gen digital teacher.
      3. Engagement with students is crucial.

      10 qualities of a good teacher.

      1. A good teacher is not known by how much he or she knows but how much he/she can simplify concepts is important. A good teacher simplifies concepts and makes learning a joy.

      2. A good teacher will follow what is being preached. He/She will walk the talk. They will learn, do and teach. Doing themselves gives teachers the authenticity.

      3. They will be masters of their subjects. Mastery is not just in concepts, but everything around it including skills, psychological understanding of their students, their own conduct everything.

      4. All good teachers have a bigger mission which they pursue, that’s why they become good and great.

      5. They will be phenomenal in creating engagement. The student will get absorbed into their classes.

      6. They will be tactically skilled. They will know everything that their profession demands. They will be excellent learners, that’s why they become excellent teachers too.

      7. They demonstrate tough love. They are not the always pleasing, encouraging personalities. They will be tough when it is in the interest of their students and the students will see the benefit of that toughness in their life later.

      8. They will have the excellent ability to use the right media. It means they may prefer one to one, group coaching, general discussion, give reading tasks etc.,. They are like artists who can use many mediums to express their master piece..

      9. They just don’t teach. They provide a platform. They make students get the best out of their abilities and enable them to carve out an excellent path for themselves.

      10. They deliver results. They are problem solvers.

      Thanks sidz, for this wonderful podcast

    • Mukesh Kotiyan

      Teachers are Unique by the way they teach.
      The education system is now moving to a different kind of method, compared to classroom kind which is not fulfilling the meaning of ‘Education’
      Digital Era, needs a better version of teachers who creates a great impact in their student’s life.

      What I learned from this podcast are as follows:
      1. Simplify concepts: Teachers who are practical in nature, have a deeper understanding and they can make their students understand it with much simpler examples that are relatable. They continuously study, do research, and simplify time to time for their students.
      2. Walk The Talk: Teachers are very practical in what they Say. They learn, do & teach; the degree to which they doing part is what creates a difference in their life & their student’s life. Their teachings are always inspiring and touch directly to hearts of their students. More practical teacher they are, the more impact they will to their students.
      3. Great Masters of The Subject: Teachers know What is right to do and what actions give maximum results. They help their students to achieve results faster with the knowledge they have. Probably, they help/ guide their students to achieve results faster than what they have achieved.
      4. Bigger Mission: True teachers have a real understanding of the word Education, i.e. to become a person and valuable person to society. Great teachers have a bigger mission than just teaching the portion/ tasks. They see overall progress on how their students can progress and develop. They bring out uniqueness in their student. They have a great passion for their subject.
      5. Phenomenal Engagement Creation: They help their students to engage in different ways and help them to engage in their contents so that their students can deep learn the concepts. This will help them to get a different perspective on their understanding.
      6. Tactically Skilled: They are master of the subject and their skills on the subject are world-class. This helps to unlock the potential blocks of the students and help their students to overcome the challenge they face at the present moment. IT has an impact and comes from the practical experience they have on the subject.
      7. They demonstrate Tough Love (Sometimes): It’s also called a father’s love; who wants to bring the best from their students. It brings authentic way in their students and it helps them transform to a better person to the world. The essence of uniqueness is brought out. When they do this way, the new energy emerges inside their student. It’s like shedding the eggshells when the incubation time is done.
      8. Ability to Use Right Media for the Right Communication: There are many ways to communicate the message. Events are the birthplace of great leaders. There is a system and proper channel which The Great Teacher follows, it is to bring the best out of the students. It may be using webinars, intensive workshops, online groups, deep study, etc., Communication is nothing but the right nutrition/care/nurturing for the greatness of students.
      9. Provide a Path: Students with Goals will be progressing faster. But with clarity of the journey begins by providing the clarity of success steps by the great teacher. As the teacher has hands-on practical knowledge. Teachers build confidence and appreciate the small success what their students achieve.
      10. Deliver Results For Students: It’s not about bragging about what teacher knows, it’s all about their student achieve great success and scale their success over a period of time. The success of students in the real test of The Great Teacher.

      These are the most valuable lessons for me.

      There is a message inside me.

      I will adopt these qualities and help my students to become super successful.

      Thanks, Sidz for bringing this out. I’ll be a lifelong student to You.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach

    • sankar seshan

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhsociety
      Key take aways- the contents in the podcast are price less. Some Highlights are as below . For me ILH society founded by Sidz , in such learning sessions is INTENSIVE LEARNING HUB
      1) Use your head and do not copy others
      2) SImplify deep research and deliver it in your own style
      3) The power ful triangle to follow – learn, DO ,teach is more important than learn,teach
      4) Examples of Learning from Sidz’s Mentor Blair SInger
      5) Digital marketing brilliance of seeding can be learned here
      6)hands on Tactical implementation knowledge in skills and methods are important
      7) Deliver knowledge with Impact
      8) best testimonial is from students

    • Manish Shah

      A Simplified & Point shooter style concept – on Teaching –

      1. Teaching is an art – and one must learn the art of online teaching – to be adaptable to the current times.

      2. What is important – (A) What you teach is important, but more important is (B) How you teach – how connected you are to the topic.

      3. Impact – Most important is – are you able to create and impact & change in the end customer ? That is the master key to be a great teacher.

      4 – A – Simplify the subject – Online coaching is all about to simplify the concept. do a great research & make it simple.

      5 – B – Walk the talk – do not just teach empty theory. Learning, doing and teaching – all are important – most important is “doing” – empty talks will get caught by the students.

      6 – C – Great teachers are expert in their subject – they know more about what should not be done. Very important – they also teach emphatically – what not needs to be done.

      7 – D – Bigger mission – Great teachers are not in the game for money. Money is a byproduct – they have a deeper feeling of bringing out the best in the students & have a much larger vision for the student. They show the way. Best teachers help grow the student from within. They make the students masters of the craft.

      7 – E – Engagement and mastering through very many media.

      8 – F – Skill Sets are huge – they have a superb hold of the tactics – they know the tools and they share the deep golden nuggets of different tools / tactics. Their position of personal application, makes them stand apart from the crowd of also rans teachers.

      9 – G – Love with toughness – they leave no stone unturned in being hard on you, in ripping a student apart, if the student is not doing good. They teach, change, mould, be hard on you – and take you to the level, where things come out authentically from the students. They are more personalised in their teaching.

      10 – H – Using the right medium – they teach the right medium – as all mediums have different end results.

      11 – I – Journey is perfected with Clarity – the next steps are clear – this is what the teachers create. They have the smallest parts of the journey covered – what tools, what skills, how much to be prepared, etc. – a great teacher, takes the student hand in hand, with the next step. Milestones are neately broken up in digestable parts.

      12 – J – Results – the only aim of a great teacher is to help find results for studnts. They help more and more students get results, faster , better, and in more numbers.

      Summation – A Great Teacher is always evolving. He teaches from the perspective of not teaching for his sake, but for the sake of his students. He can get a student very easily, if he / she is not learning from the heart & not reaching to the perspective, where he / she is just trying to put up a show. A Great teacher does not teach for money – he / she teaches for the love of teaching. A Great teacher has a larger vision – for self and for hs / her students. He / she makes a dent in the teaching industry – not by creating a mere name for self, but by bringing on – a tribe of thriving students – who are great achievers (some of them, much more then the teacher himslef, as in the case of Arjuna and Dronacharya).

      Amen to a Great teacher.

      Amen to Sidz.

    • Yogesh Kumar

      Good teachers have some qualities which is explained by Sidz in this podcast very precisely.

      1. Simply Concepts
      3. Master Of Their Subject
      4. Bigger Mission
      5. Creating Engagement
      6. Tactically Skilled
      7. Tough Love
      8. Ability To Use Right Media
      9. Provide A Journey / Path
      10. Deliver Results For Students

      When i was in school, I always learned well from the teachers who explain the concepts in a very simple way and they usually try to explain by giving real life examples. they make the concept simple.

      One more thing which I wanted to add which is a good Teachers are great communicators. The communicate well with the students and ask quality question from the students. They are honest with their work. They are good listeners and they listen and understand their students well and deliver the content accordingly.
      They never misses opportunity to complement or congratulate like Sidz. He is a great communicator and I wanted to follow him. When he speak I always listen very carefully and i feel connected every time.

      Lots of Love and More Power to All..

    • Sindhu Varma

      Sidz, thank you for giving such clarity on topics like these.
      My takeaways:
      1. Simple concepts – whatever the topic, simplify the message and ensure that the students GET it
      2. Learn, do and teach – need to DO more.
      3. Bigger mission – Need to have a mission BIGGER than yourself and just the thought of it will help you do more and be more
      4. Tough love – So true. I remembered my dancing lessons where my knees would paining immensely but my teacher refused to let me go without getting the step right. Grateful to her because even after so many years, my acquaintances remember me as a good dancer more than anything else.
      5. Creating engagement – As Blair loves to say,” Don’t be boring. It is the kiss of death”🙂
      6. Provide a path – Very important not just to deliver concepts but to show them direction and a feasible path to take.
      7. Deliver results for students – absolute accountability and commitment needed which will transform the student’s life.
      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach

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