So you want to make some big money online?

Being in this space for over 7 years, I have come to realise that if you want to be successful online, you’ve got to ramp up your experiential knowledge – not just theory.

The more skills you acquire the higher your chance of creating that lifestyle you really want… for yourself and your family.

In this post, I will be diving deep into the core 5 skillsets which can help you grow fast online.

  1. Research Skills
  2. Content Creation Skills
  3. Marketing Skills
  4. Selling Skills
  5. Systems Skills

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. Start building these skills one by one.

These are practical skills that make money on the internet. Period.

1. Research Skills

research skills

Google is God. It has all the answers. And if you’re able to master the skills of navigating thru all the information and finding what you really need, it will give you an edge over others who just casually browse online.

Research also has a lot to do with you getting into the mind of your ideal customer and thinking from their point of view.

Understand Your Customer

Your research will get much more effective if you understand your customer. If you know exactly who’s your target market, then it becomes easier to use all the tools mentioned below. Remember, in order to make big money online, you need to understand psychology, more than anything else.

Learn Keyword Research

What is keyword research? It’s about knowing what people are typing into search engines like Google & Bing. If you are able to pick up a few patterns on what people are looking for, then you’ll have the ability to offer them a solution – a product or service. SEO Traffic Mastery is a course that I highly recommend if you’re serious about ranking on search engines.

Get Good At Content Research

There’s tons of content online today. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to get ruthless in selecting only the best content. You don’t always have to be the content creator, but you can be the content curator. As your ideas start developing, then you can create your own pieces of content giving it your twist.

Below are a few tools that I use to do my initial set of research.

  • – This is one of my favourite resources to get a pulse on what kind of questions my market is asking on Google.
  • – This is another resource where you can find all the top trending content in your niche. If you know something is trending, then why not ride on the same wave.
  • – One of my favourite keyword research tool which helps me look at specific search volumes of keywords on the internet.

2. Content Creation Skills

content creation

Once you have done all the research, then it comes down to content creation. In today’s day and age, it’s all about infotainment. Information + Entertainment.

There are 2 aspects of content creation:


This defines your ability to convey crisp and powerful messages using words. In the whole content creation process, this I would say is the heart and soul of your success on the internet. There is no shortcut to writing great content online. You have to practice and master this skill on a daily basis. There are different techniques to write for social media, emails & websites.

Video Creation

This is a big one. There are very few people who take up to video creation because they are afraid to come in front of the camera. You can start on this journey by shooting videos on your smartphone and using apps like iMovie and Quik to quickly edit those video and roll them out on your social media channels.

Audio Podcasting

Podcasting is another way to engage with your audience on a more deeper level. By acquiring your skills to record and edit audio, you will be able to create richer content for your audience. You can start off by using your smartphone voice recorder and upload your audio notes on Share those sound bites with your audience online.

Audio creation requires 3 sub-skills:

  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

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3. Marketing Skills

marketing skills

Now we are getting closer to the money. The purpose of marketing is to get you more traffic on your websites and social channels. The objective of traffic is “lead generation”. If you’re getting a lot of traffic but not getting them into a list, then you’re simply leaving money on the table.

The Formula = Traffic -> Leads -> Sales

Influence Building – Social Media

The goal is social media marketing is to build your influence and to attract a loyal community of ready buyers. Period. Once you learn the art of growing your influence online then you will have the power to get people to buy what you’re offering without much resistance. Investing in a course like Social Media Launchpad will help you develop the right social media strategy.

Traffic Generation – Paid Ads

While on one track you’re growing your influence, you’ve also to add some turbo boosters to amplify your content and lead generation. That’s where paid advertising comes in. Paid ads can help you generate traffic quickly and on-demand.

  • Facebook Ads: Most popular for demand generation
  • Google Ads: Ideal for demand fulfilment
  • Others: LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Traffic and more

4. Selling Skills

selling skills

Getting all the traffic in the world is not enough. You’ve got to convert leads into sales. This is where your ability to sell is so crucial. As far as skills that make money are concerned, this is it!

  • Video Selling – If you develop the ability to powerfully convey your ideas on video and get people to take an action at the end of it, you can literally duplicate yourself and create a massive income online.
  • Webinar Selling – This is more of a LIVE setting. This is a skill which I have personally developed over the last 2 years. Selling through webinars requires a special ability – which can be acquired by anyone. This is where you can add immense value to your audience for an hour and then drop your special offer.

Salesmanship is the golden key.

5. System Skills

system skills

While all the skills above are being acquired, you’ve also got to get comfortable with systems and tools. Only through these tools will you be able to perform all your actions online. Some of the essential tools that I recommend that you start learning quickly are:

  • WordPress & Blogging Tools
  • Email Auto-Responder Tools like GetResponse
  • Click Tracking Tools like ClickMagick
  • Landing Page Building Tools like Instapage or ClickFunnels 
  • Paid Advertising Consoles like Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Conclusion – It’s Not So Hard

While all this may seem really overwhelming at first, I would like to first tell you that you can do this. When I got started on this journey I did not know what to expect. The more I started to get my feet wet, then better I got at this.

online income skills

Today I have equipped myself with pretty much all these skillsets to create a full-time income on the internet.

I’m on a mission to help 10,000 people make their annual income into a monthly income.

I challenge you to test drive this system to get on this wonderful journey. Trust me… it will be worth it.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    14 replies to "Top 5 Skills You Need To Make A Full Time Income Online"

    • Ramana Kumar

      Siddharth Rajsekar has so much CLARITY as to what he is doing & what he is saying. Im amazed with his Energy & Enthusiasm. Good Bless You !!

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Ramana! Appreciate your feedback.. Cheers!

      • Nickyta Chaurasiya

        I love the way you start and end your podcast. Intro,explain and summarize.

    • Dr John watts

      Just loved the way you simplified sidz.
      Any person with least idea of the technical lingo can understand.
      I find this very helpful.


      Really your are master of all skills that we need. That’s why we are with you.

    • Sudhindra Haribhat

      Very informative article Sidz. So much to learn from you.

    • Jatin Sukhija

      Heard your podcast on this topic on spotify and amazed with the level of knowledge and commitment you have towards serving others. Being just a beginner I’ll rate myself as 10%. And now as have began my journey with being part of your inner circle will definetly make it to 90%

    • Niranjan

      Very useful info, Sidz. This is much needed while growing in digital space

    • Nitin Khaire

      I always get so much value from your content- text, audio, or video. You have clarity about your subject and your communication skills are amazing. I never tire of listening to you. Thank you for adding so much value always. Please keep these podcasts coming regularly. God bless you Siddharth.

    • Snehal Bhende

      Experiential Knowledge is imperative to building a successful online business. While the information, experience, and expertise at your discretion are the most prized possessions, framing the skeleton of your business, it is the implementational knowledge that fleshes out the matrix critical to the orgasmic functioning of an ecosystem. The Implementational knowledge framework is broadly classified into 5 interlinked domain-specific skills, facilitating business success –
      1) Research Skills – Content research is a prerequisite to comprehending the pulse of the market by identifying the customer’s pain points. It could be considered analogous to the navigational abilities fortifying your reach to the ultimate destination. Effective Research is a byproduct of multiple tools and platforms, revelatory of the burning questions about the market. Google keyword search, You-tube search, and are the basic content research tools to name a few. There are many advanced tools too available to gauge the market sentiment, like,,, Clickbank, etc, for deciphering the hottest and most affecting trends and need-gaps.
      2) Content Creation Skills – Not only is it important to have experiential knowledge but also crucial to ensure that it reaches out to your potential customers through appropriate channels/ mediums. The appropriation of the channel is a choice that the business custodian makes between the Written, Video, and Audio content based on the receptivity level of the Target audience. The Content Creation process, takes the form of Copywriting(one of the highest-paid skill on the internet), short 30 sec videos, 2/3 minutes videos for Facebook to over 10 minutes videos for you-tube, Live videos, Webinars, etc, depending on the value that you intend to add to your customers to keep them engaged with your knowledge business. Furthermore, these skills could be subdivided further into Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastery used to convert the raw information into finished products of refined content.
      3) Marketing Skills – To scale-up and enhance your business outreach, you must learn to market your knowledge business effectively. Your current range of network and level of operations, determines the required marketing approach, broadly bifurcated into Organic and Inorganic marketing. While organic marketing largely draws its merits from the existing strength of the business network for Influence building, inorganic marketing is concerned with Traffic Generation aimed at new lead acquisitions and network expansion through paid media publicity on social media. Nevertheless, a combination of organic and inorganic marketing is quintessential for long-term business survival.
      4) Selling Skills – Creating and Marketing content will bear little or no significance in the absence of effective selling strategies. Every business custodian must essentially develop confidence with the selling environment to compel the customer’s buying decisions. Knowledge businesses can be sold through Videos and/or Webinars. However, regardless of the selling approach, the creation and consistency of value addition will define the ability of the business to retain loyal customers.
      5) System Skills – Having a basic knowledge of systems is like the Duct-tape that binds your business together. The acquisition of Systems knowledge occurs at 3 levels –
      i) Level 1 – Creating, Sharing, and Optimizing your Blogs through WordPress
      ii) Level 2 – Managing your Email Marketing systems for corresponding with your tribe, and Influence Building. This involves automation of email responses through email marketing tools like Getresponse, Convertkit (advance usage for exhaustive email lists).
      iii) Level 3 – Tracking Business performance through Click tracking, Creating Landing Pages, Lead captive pages, Gaining expertise in using the advertising consoles, Google analytics, etc.
      Being a novice, I always had a surface-level understanding of these skills. However, I am now engaged to acquire these skills at a deeper more meaningful level for strengthening the core foundations of my business in alignment with my being. Although time-consuming, the process is equally or more enlightening and enriching. Nevertheless, I am committed to my intention of setting out a full-fledged knowledge business within the upcoming 6 months from now. Thanks to Mr. Rajsekar for reviving the significance of the implementation process through strategic roadmaps of permeable wisdom. Thus, fostering relentless leaps for all his followers and community members.
      Thanks and Warm regards
      Snehal Bhende

    • inder jeet Singh ubhi

      My takeaway is this
      Research skills
      – goggle is god of research
      – understand market needs
      – understand plans measured
      – keyword research
      – understand your customer
      Content creation skills
      – writing skills
      – sales letter
      – write for social media
      – e mails
      – website
      – video skills
      – short video 30 seconds
      – recording video 3 minutes
      – video
      – Weinar
      – audio skills
      – podcasting
      – recording
      – editing
      – mixing
      – mastering

      Marketing skills
      – organic marketing
      – influence building
      – paid marketing
      Ads on social media
      Traffic generations, method, sources
      Selling skills
      – video selling
      – conveyance to customer on video about products
      – Webinar selling
      – sale through webinars
      – guide your prosperous customer

      System skills
      – how to blog and manage them
      – e mail marketing system
      – understaning the system
      – paid advertising consoles

    • Ritu Pherwani

      Up-to-date information by the great man… SIDZ

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