If you want to know the answer to whether we should only rely on webinars for sales, this is the podcast for you. I explain the difference between one-to-one selling and one-to-many selling!

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siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    72 replies to "Should We Only Rely On Webinars For Sales?"

    • praful C Varma

      Should be rely on webinar for sale?
      Sales is the one topic which is very close to my heart and to generate sales there are different ways which one has to be followed:
      Sales is transfer of emotion or transfer of energy.
      Value exchange is process of Sales.
      Webinar is a high leverage platform where we sale one to many.
      Where as one to one is a powerful way of doing a sale.
      You can’t scale this unless you have a sales team or a high-ticket sale.
      Webinar is good for scaling the sale but its required lot of practices and one can do lot of no sale
      webinar in initial days to give lots of value and later date they can be converted as lifelong customers

    • Subhavahini Seetharaman

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH

      “Sales is the transfer of emotions; Sales is the transfer of Energy”
      When People see that they can get solution for their problem they Buy the product. Its the value exchange.

      Multiple ways of selling:
      1. 1-2-1 or face to face selling : Understanding the challenges of the tribe, Gathering the data, giving them particular solutions, then giving them an offer. It is effective in selling high ticket products, we can also sell low and midium ticket aswell. but the bandwidth will be less.

      2. Live webinar based selling : 1 to Many selling. High leverage. we will need to master to Educate, engage, setting the context, making good contents with the customer. initially we will should practice with No sales Webinars. to build confidence and learn to sell

      3. Funnel based Selling : When we master the Webinar based selling, we can sell through videos, landing page.

      Webinar based has high leverage. How ever, Sales Pitch is important for conversion.

      Thank you Sidz for insightful podcast.

    • Rajendra Dave

      I Agree with PC Verma, ABOVE..
      webinar at initial stages is Best, Later as he explain 1 to 1, I extend it may off-line sessions. As each will come out and improve.( Which not possible on-line).
      Yes , for distance students/ may branches will help. Future even expected. As we all thinking to change present education system , may it is one of product or byproduct of all prevailing time On-line mentor/ coach. Even it will be better then present coaching classes.

    • Prem Alvares

      Message to market match is a key element. Whether you’re live, webinar, video. If you are in a competitive space, spin out something that all don’t provide and it’s a big pain point. It could be time to get results, or how to generate more customers. Nothing succeeds like success, get or even give it away free to get showcases and video record the story.

    • Karthik Sundararaman

      1. Sales is a transfer of emotiona and energy
      2. 1-to-1 is the most powerful way to sell
      > Understand problem of customer
      >Provide impact
      Challenge: Your own bandwidth

      3. Webinar based selling
      > Advantage
      > High Leverage
      > 90 min process
      > Work on offer, work on
      > Engage, setting expactions with audience

      4. Funnel Based selling
      > Sell through videos

      Ultimately it all comes down to your sales pitch.

      Message – Market – Offer match is important in any form of selling.

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      Educate, Engage and Excite your customers.
      Don’t sell in initial webinars.
      Selling through the webinars is a skill that can be mastered with practice.

      • Mahendra

        Best Message..Educate,Engage And Excite your customer

    • Rahul George

      No Sales videos are a great way to dip your feet in until you are gaining enough confidence to sell..

      Power of selling is in your own inner game as well as your offer and the market… when all three are in alignment, MAGICCCCC happens..

      and yes, of course there is no ONE best way to sell but Webinars or as I like to call them WSF is a very reliable way to scale your business QUICKLY …

      all the best…

    • Shabeena A M

      Sales is all about value exchange
      You can resort to multiple ways of selling:
      1) 1-2-1, 1-2-1 face to face (online or offline), Low ticket or high ticket 1-2-1,
      2) Webinar based selling – 1 to many. work on your offer, energy and practice it well, get into the habit of engaging first. deliver the offer once you build confidence
      3) Automated webinars or videos – deliver lot of value in short period of time

      Webinar is not the only mode, but its more powerful as its 1 to many

    • Sunil Gupta

      There are multiple ways to do this. But the key is to keep experimenting.
      Whatever is working for your niche, enhance it and whatever is not working, reduce it. But keep experimenting.
      End of the days, the objective is to enhance sales and add value to the lives of your customers.

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH #casunilgupta95

    • Valerian Sequeira

      The insight that I got is webinars can help you to deliver a high value add in a short period of time in a one-to-many setting.

      Thank you for the podcast.

    • Harshad Bhagwat

      Sales is a transfer of energy, emotion

      when people sense that you can solve their problem, there is a value exchange, there will be transaction

      message to market to offer match

      Only on webinars, no?

      webinars is high leverage

      different ways

      1. 1-1: powerful, understand the problem, give solution and give offer, perfect for higher value

      need team to scale

      2. live webinar based: work on your offer, develop skills, understand your audience
      3. funnel based: automated webinars or videos

    • Sathish Kalluri

      1-2-1 Selling
      Works well at the beginning
      Need to build a team to scale the business
      Don’t sell when you are just starting
      Practice of delivering the content – No sales webinar

      Funnel Based Selling
      Selling through videos
      you will have multiple advantages

      Message to Market and Offer matters a lot

      Thank you so much Sidz.

    • Ritu Agarwal

      Amazing clarity and guidance. I am presently doing 5 webinars in 5 weeks and selling a 2 day workshop. I am also in the process of launching a video sales landing page. Thanks for this podcast.

    • arvind jain

      you truly make complex stuff – very simple to implement. Thanks. Webinar Sales will be a career in the next 2 years for many.

    • Karthikeyan

      Sales is a Transfer of Energy and Emotion
      Value Exchange is the Process of Sales
      we can have multiple ways to sell but webinars has high leverage of making one to many selling
      Its all about how we engage and educate the audience and our transfer of values and our energy


      There can be many ways to get sales. We should use as many ways as we can to get sales. Right now, I’m using 2 different points of entry in my community. One is low-ticket mini-course (webinar content converted into course) and an automated VSL to sell directly my main offer and 1on1 mentorship program.

      We should start from one and should add ways one-by-one to get cashflow from all directions.

    • Aman Kabir Juneja

      Wow this was intense and fast.

      Within 5 minutes massive value delivered.

      What’s my take on this is:

      Initially do one to ones to understand the market, to understand the pain points and resolve them

      Once we have enough data, we can move on to webinar-0based models and then one to ones can serve the purpose of high ticket selling initially (until it becomes a scaling bottleneck)

    • Vinay D Bajaj

      The way of selling does not matter as long as you are adding great value during the process and topping that with an irresistible offer. Initially One can start with 121 selling to increase the conversion. Also we should do no sales webinars to become confident of conducting webinars. I think we should do a no sales webinar, from there we should offer 121 calls to attendees and try to sell in the 121 call. This may not be very efficient for low range product though. But can be used for Silver to Gold or diamond update. Once we get enough confidence Webinar can be the main sales model as it is 1 to many. And after we even master that we can move on to automated webinars.

    • Gomathy Gowri Narayanan

      Sales is a transfer of energy and there are Mutiple ways of selling:
      * 1-1 selling – helps in understanding the problem, and in high ticket selling, but it is not scalable
      *Live Webinars – First start with the no sell webinars, until u get confidence before doing Sales Webinar
      *Automated/Funnel Based webinars –

      Bottom line – You need to deliver value to your customer for them to see the need to buy your course. And they should feel losing out if they are not buying your course. If you are able to deliver that in shorter span of time, the better you get at selling and attracting new customers

    • Rahil Ahmed S

      Action to take:
      1. Go on 1 to 1 sales calls to understand our audience better.
      2. Do No sales webinars as explained in the havkathon to develop confidence.
      3. Once experienced in No sales Webinars then Start Sales Webinars.

    • Sushree Patnaik

      As a new coach what I feel after listening to the podcast is that I should begin with 1-to-1 selling to get more clarity on what my customers want – taking it forward to webinar selling and then trying out other funnels eventually.

      Like mentioned adding value, so I would also consider influence building parallely to add value before pitching my product through any of the mediums.

    • Vinitha J

      This gives clarity on how to take the business into next step and not to rely only on webiinars.
      This podcast has given the clarity to adopy the mode which you can use according to the niche else you can try with any of the model.
      Start with any of the model but..
      Webinars will give you the leverage to more people.

      Thanks for sharing this Sidz

    • Devanand

      You have multiple ways of seling, In any system nurturing audiance is important.

    • Pasadika Mindfulness

      Sales is transfer of emotion or transfer of energy.
      1-to-1 is the most powerful way to sell
      master to Educate, engage, setting the context
      High Leverage
      Sell through videos
      When we master the Webinar based selling, we can sell through videos, landing page.

    • Amit Dhanawade

      Good that we create an opening in people’s minds through webinars and can make them go through different touchpoints like email, and landing page videos to make sales.


      How you sell is not important, are you incrementally selling?
      Time, area, groups, customers, what you are selling all will have a baring.
      Analise what is working for you and the rate of conversion is the thing matters.

    • Dr Sumeet Bansal

      Webinar is time proven & tested strategy to sell one to many.
      In the beginning, one should focus on adding value without bothering about money & understand the pain points& need of market
      I-2-1 selling is the most powerful tool for selling high ticket product
      Thanks Sidz for valuable insights


      Powerful Podcast clearing many doubts on “how to sell” at every stage of business. Definitely to begin with 1-2-1 is great way to build confidence in oneself, however once the confidence is in the momentum Webinar looks better however once you have learned & mastered the craft of selling in webinar automated webinar + even email base selling also can be taken up. Completely depends how much value one is delivering through automated webinar or in an email.
      Having said this, the sales models are ever evolving, keep experimenting different way, you never know which one will hit the bulls eye for your business.

    • Shripal Gandhi

      Webinar sales offers the best leverage!

      Best webinar selling is when, there is a harmony in:

      Energy > message > market > offer > better conversion

    • Ruchir Thakkar

      The straight answer to the question is No.

      What are the opinions?

      Well, that depends on the product or service you are selling.

      If you are selling teaching, product options are offline teaching and 1 2 1 teaching.

      If you are selling beauty products, options are workshops and give the product experience.

      If you are into food products, youtube is the best option.

      Likewise you have to go deep into your product and service and find out parallel options to the webinar.

    • Favaz

      #ILH Deep Learner
      I think – In the digital coaching business, Webinar sales is the most rewarding method in this age of Leverage. And COVID-19 has been a critical catalyst in getting the public used to the ZOOM calls / Webinars.

      1 to 1 closing may help up to a limit, but as Sidz said, It’s not going to help to increase the scalability.

    • Swati Tripathi

      I appreciate you sharing this amazing information, Sidz. It’s a very clear reference.
      The end goal that we are aiming for is sales, so we can start with no-sales webinars in the beginning and move on to webinar selling once we have a solid sales pitch. If someone is an introvert or has a high-ticket item, they can also start with one-on-one sales.

    • Neyamathullah HM

      Making the best sales would be understanding customers’ requirements and offering convincing solutions/products.
      To start with, 121 would be an effective mechanism to develop more confidence mutually.
      Any solution or product would be in high demand provided the market requires or such application is found out or generate such requirement/ demand.
      Time is an essential part to look at. So, making 12 many would be an added advantage provided such skill is nurtured in you.

    • rajiv bhatia

      To start with understanding the Customer Problem is critical foundation learning to design solutions that are impactful. 1 to 1 is to my mind the way to do so. Webinars are definitely productive way to reach to many simultaneously and build sales pipeline.

    • Pia Bhagchandani

      When we are starting off, we feel anxious regarding sales. But, this podcast helped give me a clear-cut path as I am just beginning this journey!

      What is sales? When people see value, they buy the product.

      Should we rely only on webinars?
      There are many ways we can sell the product when we are starting off.

      The most powerful one is one-to-one selling- for selling higher value products.

      For webinars, we need to develop your skills of selling.

      First do a lot of one-to-one selling which gives you the confidence of one to many selling!

      Initially the webinars should be no sales webinars till we master the skills of selling.

      Doing funnel based selling is a great option where you just create a landing page with a video, where the audience is able to directly buy from there! This answered my one of my biggest question.

      Thank you so much Sidz for sharing!

    • Dr. Sangeeta Pattanaik

      1. Sales is Emotion and Value Exchage method.
      2. High Ticketing Model – 1 to 1 Consulting should be the approach in the beginning.
      3. Webinar is all about scaling up, 1to many model
      * work on skill of selling
      * Practice to build confidence by having free webinars.
      4. Funnel based selling/ Automated based selling –

      We need to have multiple models of selling.
      *Sales offer
      * Match with market expectations
      * Work on your Delivery.

    • Lopamudra Sen

      As I am in the initial phase, I am following the current hackathon with 100% commitment. I have conducted FREE webinars very recently following the Hackathon steps, I am highly satisfied. The participants enjoyed the session, it was quite interactive & I could address their queries. It gave me idea about the topics of my future content, I am highly satisfied that I have added so much of value. I do believe other than sales webinar, one-to-ones, certain surveys & selling via content sharing also plays a major role.

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Got clarity on 1-2-1 selling vs live webinar selling- Its a learning journey. Start with no sales webinar
      For starting 1-12 is good for scaling webinars is best.

    • shweta Pandey

      Hi Sid,
      Once again a Podcast to shed more light on these continuous doubts that keep occuring about webinar sales v/s other sales methods. Yes, 1:2:1 has a limit to grow but gives equally good exposure to know your TA and market demand well. It helped me to tweak my course and also understand tough minds of a few clients. But, eventually webinar sales is what must resort to if we are looking for a higher impact to many in a short span of time.

      Value driven free webinars are a must for self learning, build credibility, confindence, but above all the TRUST with your audience. That’s the key value element that we need for our own community.

      Thank you once again for this value nugget.

    • Shyam Kukreja

      #ILH #ILHdeeplearner

      Thank you so much Sidz for the wonderful insights. & Below are my key learnings:

      1. Have multiple sources of sales viz, webinars, 121 sales, workshops, bootcamps etc.
      2. Webinar offer you a high leverage sales of 1 to many.
      3. You might want to start with no sales webinar to deliver the value & understand the needs of your customers.
      4. Get feedbacks from your customers in the format that you follow.
      5. Once you know the needs, desires & pains of your customers, convert it to a Webinar & go out to leverage high sales via Webinar.
      6. Value, Value, Value is the key & sales would follow. 🙂

    • Sanjay Karn

      In my view, one should not rely only on webinar sales as it is not connected to your audience more closely.

      So we should start nurturing our list or audience by following steps as well

      *Create awareness about your niche and expertise.
      *Organing Nurturing through free lead magnets, Blogs.
      * Video Content Marketing
      *Live free Q & A session to nurture the audience
      * Then we should go for a webinar selling

      Sanjay Karn

      • Sanjay Karn

        ….Organic Nurturing….

    • Riddhi Deorah

      Selling is a value exchange where the customer is really buying a better version of themselves.
      Now to convince them that you are the best person to help them you must first work on yourself.
      We usually think that selling is about the product but the honest truth is that selling is more about who you are than what you sell.
      If you can get this right then any format of selling will work for you.

      Now webinar selling is just one format.
      There are multiple ways to sell.

      The best format to start with is one on one because this gives you deep insights into what the person truly wants and meeting several people on a one-on-one basis can help you understand both the macro issue and the micro issues.

      Once you have gone through the one-on-one journey you can move to a webinar format where you can truly find good ROTI (Return on time invested) as now you are speaking to multiple people at the same time. For this to work you must keep your energy high, have conviction in your product and must have a fantastic offer.

      The long-term aim should be to use Funnel Based Selling where you automate your webinars and provide value videos to attract people into your community. For this to work you should have clarity about the fears and desires of your target audience and also the ability to communicate your ideas effectively in a crisp format.

      So any form of selling can work if you do it when you are ready for it and if you don’t prematurely jump in before you are ready.

      Customer really transacts when you can build trust and show them that they can become a better version of themselves if they come to you.

    • Shilpa Hiremath

      Begin with 1-1s if you haven’t got an understanding of your audience.
      This is the best for high ticket selling.
      However, the limitation is the bandwidth. You’ll have to invest in a sales team sooner or later.

      They impact a bigger audience.
      You get many sales in a limited time: therefore, high leveraged.

      What you need to keep in mind is that you need to give knowledge, engage the audience, and set expectations. Also, you need to keep your energy high.
      Last but not least, work on your sales offer.
      The offer should match the market.

      Finally, you could o for automated webinars or even in short recorded videos on your LP.

      Loved it!

    • Ravi Kiraan Vijapurapuu

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH

      As per my Opinion, the Webinar format of Sales depends on case to case basis.
      When you are at the start of Business with a Blue Ocean Niche, do more ‘No Sales Webinars’ to know more about feel of the Market and know what are the ground reality of the Target Audience Problems which will help to build a World class Product. Once the World Class Product is build , we can do more Sales Webinars to Pitch the Product with Great Value delivered to our Customers. Webinars are more effective during a Group Coaching format only.
      if we want to do sales for a High Ticket Product with 1-1 coaching format, Webinars don’t have much part to do. Hence Webinars are not mandatory for all kinds of Sales in Digital Coaching.

      Also, Webinars are Vulnerable for Failure of Sales if the Product and the Offer is not attractive. Hence before planning to decide the Sales Mode, one should be aware of what Kind of Product / Service is being Sold and what is the Value / Offer being delivered to our Prospect Customers.

      People Buy only you before buying the product. Hence it is not about the Webinars, but what is the Valued Service or Membership is being offered to the Customers.


      Thank you for sharing such a valuable Insights, the basic principles of webinar and how to conduct it for 1 :1 and 1 to many, the format is more important. Selling happens when we deliver value in a strategic way.

    • Vandana Raj

      Everything is energy, and we vibrate that energy the way think and create our sales. Before we even think about models, whether webinar or 1-0-1, we first need to understand our NEED for that particular outcome. When our goal and outcome are unclear, that’s when the model’s confusion comes into the picture. In 1-0-1, we cannot create a community which will support us; eventually, we will be limited in our financial growth, and the Webinar model can give us visibility as well the community support.



    • Suchitra

      Sales is about the transfer of energy. first work on your own energy. First get at ease by doing just no sales webinar. gradually as you gain confidence learn to pitch your sales.

    • Simple Jaiswal

      Sales is Transfer of Emotion
      Selling can be done one to one or one to many , it depends on the model one likes to go and factors impacting it
      Value addition can be done thru a small video also and can result in sales as well

    • Divya

      This is powerful Sidz!
      “Sales is actually value exchange and webinar is a high leverage format”, is something that good out for me.
      – Webinar is a highly impactful and yet a scalable model.
      – But with webinar we have to fine tune it by creating the right offer, high value and a powerful sales pitch.
      – Go from 121 to non sales webinar to high powered webinar!
      Brilliant! brought so much of clarity!

    • Arundhati N

      Excellent thanks for this webinar

    • Shankaran Paramasivan

      Yes this has been my favourite question…Thank you Siddharth for answering this…Although i am in the initial stage i have only experienced webinar format wherein i have not made any sales so far.. May be i should start with 121 and then move on webinar sales…Till then i practice weninar on no sale webinar…I will follow this untill i reach funnel sales or platform selling…Got a lot odf insight..


      My learnings from this Podcast :
      1. Sales is transfer of energy
      2. First 121 and then 1 to Many is better
      3. High Tickets are better converted in 121.
      4. Do more Non Sales webinar to be confident and add more Value

    • Gita Ramachandran

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH
      From the podcast , it is very clear that we should not depend only on Webinars for your Sales The pros and cons for 1 to 1 Sales and Webinar Sales are very clearly explained
      1 to 1 ..
      Best for High Ticket Conversions where you can directly understand the needs and vibes of your customer. It is the most powerful and most impactful method. However it is bandwidth heavy and will require you to invest your valuable time on each person till the value exchange happens . This can be the best model if you have effective Team members who can do this for you

      Best for Low Ticket and Mid Ticket sales as you are impacting and converting many at one Go, provided you educate , and engage them properly, set the expectations and meet them . For this you need to work on your energy . and your content. When people see value in your content , they are ready to exchange

      This becomes the chosen model , once you have practiced quite a few ‘No Sales Webinars’ and understood the pulse of the audience , worked on your content and confidence .
      This is also possible as funnel based , where you can automate your best webinars , or have video Webinars which will all lead to Sales without your being actually present

      We can decide based on where we stand wrt outr content , confidence Energy , value to the Customer and so on


      Thank you Sidz, for answering this question. I believe this is one of the major questions we face at least in first few years of getting market validation of the niche, one chooses in knowledge buisness.

      Thanks once again to bring focus on the final point, ‘sales pitch’ , whatever the model is.
      Just one suggestion/request to bring additional content or another perspective on choosing the model between one-to-one or webinar or workshop, depending on the target audience and their convenience.

      I think it’s a huge factor, for an example, for the niche like PRODUCTIVITY or BUILDING READING SKILL or BUILDING CONFIDENCE, the choice (webinar or workshop or one-on-one) may vary depending on the target audience (corporate workers/ students/ parents). Can you bring some idea to understand this?
      Thanks in advance!



      🔥 Sales is more than just transferring money from one person to another.
      It is the transfer of emotions and energy.
      When people believe they are getting a solution to their problem, they are more likely to purchase the product. This is also the value exchange.

      There are multiple ways to sell a product or service.
      The first is one-on-one selling.
      It is important to understand the challenges of their target audience and provide specific solutions.

      There are multiple ways of selling that can be explored.
      One way is 1-2-1 selling. This involves understanding the challenges, gathering data, providing solutions, and offering an offer.
      This works well for high ticket products, but can also be used for low and medium ticket items.

      Webinar Based selling is highly leveraged, but it is still important to make an effective sales pitch in order to convert potential customers.

      It is always important to remember that a good sales pitch will play a major role in increasing conversions.

    • Badarinath Gella

      Sale is a transfer of emotion and energy.
      When people see value in your offer, they transmit
      Webinars are high-leverage formats – one too many

      The powerful way is 1 21 selling
      – It works well for high-ticket products
      -But you can’t build unless you have a team follow-up on multiple levels

    • Neha Chimbalkar

      Such a crucial question answered so simply. Webinars as a front end for sales in the digital coaching business give you leverage as you are getting into a “one to many” format. That way you can reach out to the right customers and bring them into your ecosystem. It is a low ticket high-volume game, via a webinar-selling formula. Provided your message to the market, is apt and there is a value addition for your audience, sales will be a byproduct.
      There are other effective ways for sales apart from sales webinars, such as one-to-one for high ticket programs. To grow with this approach one needs a team for closing. Because with one-to-one, you can do only so much, and with limited time, therefore you can work with limited people. That’s why having specialized teams is crucial.

    • Hetal Desai

      As per my learning from you webinar is the key to invite people or connect with them to our community and 121 is more on result oriented.

      For me 121 model is perfect as I’m helping people on how to deal with mental health issues.

      Thank u for more clarify on it.

    • Manoj Sahu

      Thank you sidz for always sharing so much valuable content 🙏🏻

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