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Siddharth Rajsekar | India's Leading Digital Coach

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Siddharth Rajsekar

Founder - Internet Lifestyle Hub

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is the founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers, and experts with over 20,000 members.

As an acclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur, Business World's 40 under 40 award winner, and international speaker, Siddharth has trained over 500,000 people in the last 10 years. 

Recognized as one of India’s leading andsought-after “info-marketing” specialists, Siddharth has worked closely with renowned International experts like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy,and Jack Canfield.

After running many multi-million-dollar online campaigns for companies and helping people make money online in the last 10 years, Siddharth has developed and perfected the Freedom Business Model.

The Freedom Business Model focuses on helping people take their expertise online and building a super-profitable digital coaching business, without an office or employees.

His mission is to reform the education and employment system by building a new breed of Digital Leaders, based on the core principles of humanity and simplicity and by enhancing one’s social skills, happiness, and overall productivity.

He is the author of this book, “
You Can Coach” which decodes all the steps for experts to successfully PLAN, LAUNCH, and GROW a digital coaching business to six figures a month.

Wearing multiple hats, Siddharth is a husband of a loving wife, a father of 2 boys, a minimalist, futurist, spiritualist, a YouTuber who has published over 300 videos, as well as a podcast host!


The traditional form of marketing as we knew it was one-to-one. That means you would do a one-to-one meeting. You would travel from one place to the other, and then you would meet that person. You shared your presentation or pitch to the company’s head or board of directors, and then they would decide to buy your product or service.

Now that is the old way of doing things. It still works in some industries, but that is very time-consuming and relatively inefficient because you only have so much time in a day and couldn’t travel all over the place.

The second approach was a one-to-many method. In the one-to-many approach, seminars were generally held in a hotel environment where you were positioning yourself as a speaker. Then you were training people on a particular topic or subject, and at the end of it, you were hopefully offering your product or service.

That was the seminar model. Now I’ll tell you why the webinar model is fantastic, the seminars also work well, no doubt, but the webinar model is incredible because people can be in any part of the world. They can be in any city; they could be sitting in their homes. 

You could be sitting in your home; you don’t have to travel anywhere. You don’t have any overheads or any kind of costs for a hotel or traveling from one place to the other.

Webinars can be your silver bullet when it comes to making money and creating brand awareness online. Before I dive deep into the ways of making money with webinars, we must understand how webinars work.

A webinar is usually a 30 to 45 minutes long video presentation that you deliver online, sometimes for free. You engage with an audience and talk about things you are passionate about.

How Does One Make Money With A Free Webinar? 

At the end of the webinar, you present a paid product/service. So webinars are much more convenient than any other one-to-many format, and this particular format will be there for a very long time. The fact is that digitalization is a reality and not just a trend.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has brought the importance of digital training and coaching to the forefront. As it is likely that a global pandemic will continue, more people are turning to technology for help. As we see our world change, so do the skills required to remain competitive in the marketplace. What does it take to thrive and survive in this new scenario?

The quickest way to help countless people become the best version of themselves professionally and personally is digitally. If you look at how the world is today, the internet is much faster than it used to be 5-10 years ago.

The video streaming and video creating technology have advanced so much, and all this adds up. So you can give a wonderful experience to anyone irrespective of where they may be in this world.

“A webinar is not about teaching.” says webinar expert Russell Brunson. “Webinars are about breaking down barriers to purchase.”

Russell Brunson explains that every point of your “main presentation” should break down a barrier to purchase. 


In the language of marketing, your webinar is a lead magnet. By offering relevant information free, you can attract customers. But people will only buy your product if it is appropriate to the content of your webinar.

In a nutshell, if you promote your webinar properly, deliver significant value to your audience, and offer a relevant product, they will purchase your product on the spot!

And even if they don’t, you can send them follow-up emails to entice them with a special limited-time offer. There is a science on how to conduct webinars. It’s not as straightforward or as easy putting all the PPT in this and doing your typical regular presentation as what you would do in a live environment.

You need to remember that you are still speaking to a camera in a webinar, but this is not just a camera. This camera will give you access to hundreds of people, potentially coming into a webinar and watching you. So you need to have a connection with your audience right from the word go.

There are mainly three components of a successful webinar...

The first component of a successful webinar that can generate sales is a perfect,
engaging introduction.

The second piece after the intro is you need to have a great content piece. That is where you can really wow your audience with information that can impress them, where they feel that they’re getting a lot of value.

The third component of the webinar is the sales piece. It’s about offering a product or service at the end, and you’re asking the audience to decide to pick up your product or your service.

You talk about your story and your credibility and why people need to listen to you. And then you talk about your mission; why you are doing this in the first place. I see many speakers who get straight into the content, and they don’t even talk about why they’re doing what they’re doing.

In one of the legendary TED Talks by Simon Sinek, he talks about the “why” philosophy. He says most businesses know what to do, but very few companies openly share why they do what they do. If you’re able to establish this in your intro, that’s the best thing.


I always share in my intro that my mission is to help a hundred thousand people live a lifestyle of freedom. They can live the internet lifestyle, where they can live and run a business anywhere in the world and spend more time on the things that they love.

It could be their families or passions and hobbies that they may have. I keep voicing this mission, and people who can resonate with the mission are the ones who join my tribe.

You can also talk about the product and tell people at the end of the webinar; I will be offering my coaching system. It is not for everybody, but if you’re interested, then you can decide in the end. This way, you can also seed the thought that something is coming at the end for people who want to take the learning to the next level.

So that is the ideal webinar format. Your intro piece can be for 15 minutes and the content pieces 30 minutes; you need to have the last 30-minute segment for your sales pitch to talk about the product or service for the interested people.

"A mission-focused business will anyday outshine a profit-focused business." - Sidz


Now, let’s come to the content component of your webinars. The content is an essential part of this whole thing. Once people buy you, then you need to deliver the goods. You need to prove that you know your stuff, and you’re able to give people a breakthrough with powerful logic and substantiate it, even with stories.

The Three Secrets:

Keep the content simple. If you’re a yoga expert and you want to help overcome anxiety through yoga. You can talk about the three secrets to overcome anxiety through yoga, and each of these secrets can be the content of the webinar. If you go through more than three or four secrets, it could get boring. Spend around 10 minutes on each secret. 

Each secret can be substantiated with a story. If you’re able to do that, then it’s going to help people decide at the end, because facts tell, but stories are what sell. Once I complete the content piece of the webinar, what I usually do is say, if you’re interested, you can stay on, but I will be explaining more about my product or service. If the rest of you are not interested, you can leave the webinar. 

You need to ask permission from your audience to speak in more detail about the products or services. The people who are not interested are free to leave the webinar.

Typically 5-10 people drop off from the webinar because they’re not interested. They’ve got the knowledge, they’ve got the value, and they can go and do things on their own. But when you ask the audience for permission to share information about your product or service, you put that as a pointer before starting the pitch; it puts you on a much higher plane. They have permitted you, and you are open to selling your products. 

Last but not the least, do a thorough technical check before you start. Issues with sound, video, wifi connection, or poorly-delivered visuals can ruin your day. Run a sound/video check before the webinar. Ask a colleague to log into the webinar room to make sure everything works correctly. Always keep the auto record button on.


An online seminar or webinar, as it is popularly known, is a live event where you make money by teaching lessons to people who watch, listen and join.

These can be free or paid, self-hosted, or sponsored. The secret is that webinars are the quickest way to help countless people become the best version of themselves professionally and personally. 

Meanwhile, faster mobile networks and creator-focused social networks have made it easy to reach an unlimited audience. All you need to become a creator is some equipment, passion, and a great idea. 

Whatever your core skill is, you can monetize your expertise by charging people for help in that field. The general idea is to offer expert advice and guidance via video conferencing and do so in a structured way that’s easy to monetize. 

The choice of products can be divided into the following categories:

Educational Products:

We need knowledge education, skills education, as well as vocational education. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that reaching out online is the most effective way to sell.

As it is likely that a global pandemic will continue in the near future, more people are turning to technology for help for skills required to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Another example would be tutoring; schools often hire coaches to tutor students in specific skills that need improvement.

By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they can positively impact and influence the lives of others and help those people get closer to fulfilling their dreams.

In the conventional scenario, a coach is a person with skills and experience who helps to teach or develop those same skills in others. People are looking online for help, and digital coaches can fill this gap.

Health Products: 

A lot of people are suffering from health issues. If you can position yourself as an expert who has a proven formula that can help people solve their problems, there’s a huge opportunity over there for you to sell products that fulfill that need; products like health food, health medicine, medical equipment.

Let’s look at the end goal of what people want to live a healthy life. They want better physical strength with a great body. 

They want to live a long, disease-free life.

They need products or services that will increase endurance, energy, and immunity.

They want to look and feel younger with boundless energy.

And, of course, better mental strength. 

Arts and Crafts:

The creativity niche is also very lucrative because many people are looking to enhance their creative skills to become better in every aspect of their life.

Families are spending more time together at home. For the sake of our mental health, we need to find joy in new habits, hobbies, or pursuits. What does it take to thrive and survive in this new digital age?

People want to have better spiritual health, feel joyful, and have an emotional balance. They want mental peace. Your webinars can promote all these.

Food Products: 

These products are generally rare products that cannot be bought in supermarkets or relating to a particular diet. There will always be someone who knows more than us about something that can benefit us or others around us.

Beauty Products: 

Beauty products are a big market with many new products being introduced. Due to the pandemic, there have been more sales in self-care products such as skin peels, nourishing, moisturizing, conditioning skin tone, hydrating and oil control, hair care, teeth whitening, etc. 

Any form of knowledge giving is the process where knowledge is shared with someone else. This knowledge sharing used to happen only in person but is now freely available online. It can be on such a diverse range of subjects, wellness, painting, strength training, or accounting. 

"When you share your knowledge based on your own experience, it will have true power." – Sidz 

As a knowledge giver, you will help others by providing advice on fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals. You will offer helpful and simplified knowledge because it has worked for you or people you know.

To be successful as a knowledge giver, you need to have expert-level knowledge on your topic, either through academics or through the sheer wealth of experience. Because of this, many knowledge givers start sales by offering coaching services.


Webinar Sales Is A System. 

If you follow the plan precisely, it will work wonders for you. Because sales is a process, it’s a system to get people to make a decision. 

Here is a tried and tested formula on what you should include in the sales process. Before you start selling, you make people feel that the product is essential for them.

I usually ask one question to the audience, asking them whether they realize that it’s vital for them to continue on this learning journey. And when they say, yes, I say, that’s why I’ve created this program, which will help them achieve their desired goal. 

You always have to think in terms of what is in it for your audience. What are they going to get by investing in this product or service?

You need to stress your sales pitch a lot on how it will benefit your audience more than just the pricing and what goodies they will receive. It is how they can use that knowledge to improve their business and life in whatever situation they may be. 

The sales process makes them realize that by investing in your product or your service, they will get a solution to the problems they’re facing.

The entire journey of the sales pitch should be 30 minutes where you’re educating them on how the product can be used for them to achieve their goals.


When it comes to the price points, you need to establish the value. Now, in my webinars, whenever I do a sales pitch, I put together a value stack, a stack of multiple products, which add up to a particular number.

When I give the offer, it is a webinar-only offer, which is valid only for that time. The people watching the webinar are given a 15-minute window to make a decision. 

When it comes to pricing, you need to price your product and your bonuses so that it is ten times in value, so when people decide to buy in the webinar, it has to be one-tenth of that cost. 

For example, if the entire value of my stack is, say, Rs. 1 lakh, then my webinar offer will be Rs.10,000, which is only for a limited time. 

There’s a whole psychology regarding pricing, but there’s a basic thumb rule that I can give you when getting people to take action. 

Usually, people don’t take action because, generally, people are lazy, even me. I will only act if I can see it as an offer or limited slots offered to take action with a small time window. 

I like to feel that I will make some kind of saving or getting a better deal. That’s how all humans are. We take action only based on either urgency or scarcity.

Urgency means you have a limited time window.

The scarcity may be that there are only three-four spots left.

When generating a sale through a webinar, you have to create an irresistible offer in terms of your value stack. 

When people decide and complete the payment within a 15-minute window, they get a lot of bonuses. Incorporating it into your webinars will get people to pull out their cards and make that decision because this is all about decision-making.

When people make that decision, congratulate them and welcome them by calling out the names of every single person who buys my product. 

I make them feel that they’ve made the best decision of their life, which is a hundred percent true and make them feel at home. They should think that I’m there for them and whatever the investment they made, it will help them grow in their life and their business.

This way, you attract the right kind of customers who mirror your values and don’t get buyer’s remorse. You should never let your customer regret his decision to buy. The only way that you can avoid that is by overdelivering value. When you’re giving a great deal to your audience and your customers it’ll work like magic for you. 

"People can see through your intentions. So get real and deliver value!" - Sidz

Selling is not something you will be good at from day one but the more and more you do it, like exercising a muscle in the gym, you will start to get good at it. By the time you hit webinar, number 15, webinar, number 20, you’ll hit your flow, and it’ll become a very, very predictable game. 

I just followed a system. I followed a mentor who could guide me step by step. The entire business of e-learning and e-commerce is the only business model that I know of today, where you can have a lot of free time for yourself, but you can leverage on systems where you can earn a lot of money.


I have found a system that works well for me. The ideal Webinar Selling Formula - 30- 30-15-15 Selling is a system. And selling through webinars is also a system. There are two types of webinars that you may do - a sales webinar or an educational webinar for your community

I will decode my sales webinar formula, which has helped me earn over $6 million to date. Not just me, but all my successful students have also applied the same framework.

Once you learn this formula, you will have the confidence to sell anything online. You can use webinars even to sell live programs, consulting, courses, services, or memberships. 

So what is this 30-30-15-15? This is nothing but the way you structure your time in a sales webinar. 

30 Minutes - Introduction and context setting.
30 Minutes - High-Value Content and case studies. 
15 Minutes - Details about your product/program. 
15 Minutes - Collecting Payment/ Congratulating Action Takers

Your session could go on for longer than 90 minutes, but the key is to complete the sales process within the 90-minute mark. I have tried various strategies and personally feel that for the time and energy put into the sales process, the 90-minute webinar strategy has the best return on investment.

Some trainers like to do 4-hour or 8-hour workshops to sell their products, and it works for them. But if it’s possible to get the same amount of people to convert into customers within minutes, why spend 8 hours? Why spend five days nurturing?

You can spend more time with them after they have become your customers, that is my logic. So, aim at perfecting your sales process within 90 minutes and then give more time to your customers who have made that commitment. 

"People need to buy you first before they buy your product." - Sidz

30 Minutes - Introduction and Context Setting 

The first 30 minutes of your webinar will determine if people will stay till the end and buy your product. A lot of trainers and coaches miss this point. They think it’s all about the sales pitch. The introduction is as critical as the sales pitch. 

Here are some points on how to structure your first 30 minutes: 

     1. Welcome everyone and genuinely acknowledge their presence. 

     2. Call out people’s names to connect with them on a personal level. Tell them how    
         long your session is going to be so that they are prepared. 

     3. Set the context tightly by asking people to take notes and learn. 

     4. Ask people to remove all distractions so that they focus better on the learning. 

     5. Get down to the benefits of what they are going to learn in your webinar.

     6. Establish your credibility by talking about your successes and experience.
         l Include a personal story that connects with your big mission. 

     7. Share some of the top principles that helped you succeed in your topic. 

     8. Do not spend too much time on your achievements; focus on the experience gained. 

This will determine your conversion rate at the end of the webinar because, at the end of the day, people don’t buy products. People don’t buy a service; people buy you.

It is you who are the product first. People will resonate with you and establish a deeper connection with you when you’ve already sold yourself to them. 

Whatever you will be offering at the end, they’re going to buy it. 

The first 10-15 minutes are crucial. You can start with your story of where you’re coming from, but it should not be a very long story because I’ve seen some webinars where hosts go on and on about themselves. 

I tell them how many people I’ve converted through webinars or how many students I’ve been able to mentor. I tell them the success stories of many of my students.

I include some industry stats, where things are going, and why they need to stay till the end of the webinar. That should be established very, very clearly. 

Credibility can be your results, or you can borrow the credibility of others. Initially, when I was doing webinars, I used to bottle accountability from my mentor. I would talk about my mentor and tell the audience that he makes $1 million per month, and what I learned from him.

You don’t have to become an expert to start creating courses and earning. You can be the lighthouse for the market. You can be the guide for the market where you’re the reporter, and you tell the market exactly what you know, what’s going on, and that also establishes your credibility. 

Blair Singer

Best Selling Author

Jack Canfield

Best Selling Author

John Demartini

Best Selling Author

When I talk about the credibility factor, I ask this question, how many of you would like to be a lifelong learner type L L L in the comment box. 

I would say 80, 90% of people would type L L L in the comment box. LLL is a lifelong learner. At the start, I give a few pointers on educating my audience to be good learners in the webinars. Even before you get into the content, you need to teach people how to learn.

I also ask people in my webinars for a lot of responses every two or three minutes. At the beginning of my webinar, I mention that I like to interact with my audience. Reading their answers motivates me to give more, and I’ll be able to call out their names. 

"The way you teach is more important than what you teach." - Sidz

I have an excellent sticky rate in my webinar because I’ve set the context. Even before I start, I tell them it’s a 90-minute session. I will answer any questions at the end but would like them to participate and share their comments to keep them engaged more. 

It gets boring when you don’t ask for a response every few minutes because this keeps people engaged, and they will be tuned in; otherwise, they get distracted with Facebook and WhatsApp.

By the end of the first 30 minutes, people should have felt a personal connection with you. Since I have done over 500+ webinars over the last few years, I can confidently tell you that this system never fails.

People who follow my process blindly can get far better results than those not aware of this process. If you get your first 30 minutes right, you will also have an incredibly high retention rate in your webinars. People will want to learn more from you because of who you are and what you stand for. 

30 minutes High-Value Content and Case Studies: 

This section is where you need to deliver the goods. An outstanding intro with a poor content segment is a losing formula. Keep the content packed with value and on-point for maintaining retention in your webinars. When you can prove your worth with mind-blowing concepts, there is a higher chance that people will buy your product towards the end of the webinar.

The second component of the webinar is your actual content. And this is where you can either make it or break it. Yes, they may like you. They may trust you. You would have built a rapport with them; you must be able to over-deliver value in your content.

You need to be able to give them the stuff they can go ahead and use whether they’re going to buy your product or not. If they are not blown away by the content, you can’t expect high conversions in a sales webinar. 

Go deep into the golden nugget. Talk about what is that golden nugget. I tell the audience my program can help them implement this knowledge. So you can also do what they call seeding. You’re seeding the product right in between your webinar.

Then you do the same thing for all the three golden nuggets. If people can see the value of the golden nuggets providing them, you’ll have excellent conversions.

A webinar content of 45 minutes is good enough. When these have gone up to 90-minute content webinars, I’ve seen my sales drop. 

Here are some important things to note in this segment for a live webinar:

      1. Break down your entire 30-minute content segment into three sections. 

      2. In each 10-minute segment, share one powerful concept or secret. 

      3. Solidify each principle with one powerful case study/story of transformation. 

      4. Keep this segment interactive and ask a lot of questions. 

      5. Appreciate the answers by calling out people’s names and thanking them. 

      6. At the end of each 10-minute segment, ask them whether they understood the concept. 

      7.  If there are questions, tell people you will answer them at the end. 

      8. Do not break the flow of your content or get distracted by comments. 

      9. Go into detail with the before-and-after story of each case study. 

      10. Make people believe they can achieve the same goal. 

The purpose of this section is to add a lot of value and remove resistance. Based on what I learned from Russell Brunson’s formula, there are three holdbacks that people have.

If you can break these objections and then give them an irresistible offer, they will buy. In case they do not believe, then they will come back later and buy.

Here are the three resistances: 

1. The Vehicle - People are skeptical when they first attend your webinar. They will have an aspiration to learn, but most of them will also have their doubts. The “vehicle” is your concept. They need to trust that your idea is going to help them reach their goal. The first resistance you need to remove is their disbelief in your vehicle/system. If you can substantiate this by sharing case studies, you have done your job. 

2. Internal Fears - Once they have faith in the vehicle, their internal fears are the following resistance people may have. They may feel though the program may work for others, it may not be for them. People who tag themselves as “I’m too young,” “I’m just a student,” “I’m too old,” etc. All these come under the category of internal fears. If you can share stories of your students who have overcome their inner fears and got results using the vehicle, then you have done your job. 

3. External Fears - This is the last resistance you need to remove. People may have their beliefs set in the vehicle and themselves but may resist all external factors. I may not have time. I’m not a technical person. I don’t know if I will get the support. I don’t have the money. All these are external resistances. If you can share examples of people who broke through these barriers and became successful, then you are on track. The 30-minute content segment needs to be engineered so that you not only deliver your concepts with conviction but simultaneously remove all three resistances. If you do this part well, your audience is ready to buy your product. 

15 Minutes - Details about your Product/ Program 

You should ideally start this segment around the 60-minute mark in your webinar. I have sometimes started this at 90 minutes and noticed my conversions drop. Because as trainers we can also get carried away by the content.

Over-teaching also will affect your sales. If the goal of your webinar is to educate, engage and generate sales, be mindful of the time. Before you talk about your products or programs, you need to do a brief recap and revision of everything you taught in the 30 minutes of content.

You need to ask your audience if they are keen to continue learning with you. If you have done an excellent 30-minute segment, a large portion of your audience will say YES in this section. Only after this do you start talking about your products.

Seeking permission before you talk about your products is very important. Otherwise, people will feel uncomfortable that you are selling to them. When I get into this segment, I clarify that I will speak about my paid programs, and those interested can stay.

Those who are not interested may leave the webinar. Setting this tone also removes your resistance as a trainer as you get into the sales process. 

Here are some key points to note in this segment: 

      1. Always ask permission before you talk about your paid programs. 

      2. Clarify that it is their decision if they want to buy or not. 

      3. Get into the details of what your product or program is all about. 

      4. Explain the benefits of what can happen if they go through the program. 

      5. Reveal the actual retail price point value of each product (not the ultimate price). 

      6. Give bonuses and gifts. Reveal the retail price of each bonus separately. 

      7. Stack up the primary product and the bonuses. Reveal the total value of the bundle. 

      8. Now share an emotional story of why you’re giving them an offer. 

      9. After you share the reason why you’re giving the offer, reveal the final offer. 

      10. Follow the 10x rule. If the total bundle value is `100,000, the last offer can be `10,000. 

      11. People should see the value in taking action on that day. 

After revealing the final price, you need to add a limiter. It can either be scarcity or urgency. You can either say you only have a few spots or that the offer is open for only 15 minutes. 

Also, explain why you are keeping the offer open for a short period or a few people. There has to be a logical reason. 

Once you have explained all this, share the payment link and then start your countdown timer/limiter. The offer details and introduction of the limiter need to be done around the 75-minute mark in the webinar. 

Now we will come to the last section of the webinar. The fun part! 

15 Minutes - Collecting Payment/Congratulating Action Takers 

This is a critical segment in the sale process. People need to be congratulated for their action-taking, and you need to congratulate them and invite them personally into your world. Here are some tips on what you need to do in these last 15 minutes, as the countdown timer is ticking. 

      1. Give the payment link and show them on screen how to make the transaction. 

      2. Make it clear how they need to fill in their name, email, and phone number. 

      3. Also, tell people all the different payment modes that they can pay through. 

      4. Mention how soon they can get access to your product/ program. 

      5. Call out the names of all the action takers and personally congratulate them. 

      6. Ask them to type in the comments once the payment is made. 

      7. Use these 15 minutes to remove all the small doubts people may have in their minds. Make a list            of all resistances and quickly brush through all of them. 

      8. Tell the audience that you will be giving them an orientation on accessing products/ programs              after the 15-minute timer ends. 

      9. Keep answering the questions that pop up in the comments. 

Once the countdown timer ends, close the offer and once again congratulate all the people who were able to make the payment. 

This section, if done correctly, will generate a lot of social proof and momentum to increase your sales. As I mentioned earlier, selling is a system. By following this system, you will be able to generate more sales than ever before.

Once you close the timer, you can spend the next 15 to 20 minutes answering questions and orientation to all your paid customers. There may be a few people who were not able to make the payment during the 15-minute slot. You can provide them an alternate payment link for them to lock in their spot.

Overall, your entire webinar can end within 2 hours - start to finish. The more you practice, the better you will get at this. Mastering this one skill will be a game-changer.


Some people don’t do well in webinars because they get uncomfortable when it comes to selling and asking for money from the audience for their product or service. 

If you don’t like to sell, you’re going to be blocked. You need to be comfortable while selling and must look at it as a form of service. Selling is a service that you are doing by helping people solve a problem. And it has to be a value exchange. 

If you have that mindset, you will make a lot of money. It is possible to earn Rs. 4 -5 lakh in 90 minutes. I speak with conviction. I believe in what I’m saying. I think that if anybody buys that product, it’s going to change their life a hundred percent. 

So the sales come from you, your belief in your product. Selling is a form of service, and it is a form of exchange of energy or exchange of emotions.

If you’ve established your secrets In a very powerful way, and then when you get into the sales bridge, I pause the webinar and mention that I’m going to talk about my product or service. You, in the audience, need to be a decision-maker.

Just don’t be in the gray area. Be either black or white, and I respect both of them.  

I come up with these cool codes during the webinars, like B I O, bring it on. I use codes like IDK. I do not know. I created codes like these, which are easy for people to type. Every three or five minutes, I just keep asking them for a code based on what I’m teaching. Doing this creates a sense of bonding. They feel it is not just like some random video they are watching. 

And when you ask for calls to action, when you ask for responses with codes like this, it keeps people engaged, and they will not drop off the webinar. 

During the 45 minute segment of content based on your expertise, you’re going to talk about weight loss or helping people in relationships, parenting, wealth, and teaching people about stock market trading. You want to teach people how to manage their finances. You go deep into your topic, but don’t give a whole encyclopedia of knowledge, keep it simple. 

When you start to talk more about your product, when you begin to go deeper into the curriculum, the design, the sale happens. When you can stack up value, you have to stack up bonuses that are genuinely valuable for your customer. So the conversion occurs when you stack up, and then you give a webinar special. 

It’s only when you do that, that people make a decision. Otherwise, the typical response is, I will check it out later. I’ll come back to you.

Selling is all about removing the pains and pressing the pain board. First, you press the pains people face and then delete them; your product can remove the pain. Then you keep adding the bonuses and make it feel that it is easy for them to do it.

I’m shedding some core principles after being on a lot of webinars. I don’t want you to use 25 this knowledge or tactics to sell something substandard because what goes around will come around. You can make some money. Yes.

But you lose money somewhere else. So in my case, I’m steadfast that if I’m selling anything, I promise to give 10X the value. That’s the level of integrity that I’ve set for myself, my students, and the community. 

Follow this template in your webinar... 

Your first 10 minutes, 

Your three secrets, 

The sales bridge, 

And the sales pitch, 

And you stack up the value. 

Then give them a limiter and just provide the final price point, which is the webinar offer

I want you to model precisely what I’m doing with your unique flavor. 

For most people selling products on the internet, their relationship with customers ends at the sale point. It’s not like that with me. It is not about the sale. It’s what happens after the sale. For me, my relationship with my customers starts at the point of purchase.

If anybody buys my product, our relationship begins at that point. I meet up with all of them every week. I answer questions, and I serve my customers to a level that they will experience real value. 

What goes around comes around; that is nature’s way of doing things. And I believe in this quote: 

Zig Ziglar says, if you can help enough people achieve what they want in life, you can achieve whatever you want in life and more.


Energy all comes from within. 

One of my mentors, Blair Singer, says that energy is everything. Energy can help you connect with an audience to generate sales, really help people take action, and give information in the most effective way. 

The first thing I can think of is your diet. 

What are you eating? What are you putting into your body even before you go to your webinar? Now I would never eat a full meal before I conduct a webinar.

I made this mistake in the past, and I’ve noticed my energy going down. So I would recommend that you eat healthily, you eat the right kind of stuff.

Don’t overload yourself with a lot of heavy food before you get into the webinar; this will directly impact your energy levels during the webinar; many people miss out at this point, but it’s a critical point to keep in mind. If you set an intention before the webinar, it will be so much more engaging.

A minute before starting my webinar, I just close my eyes, and I set the intention. I put the intention out, saying that, you know, these people will be blown away by my information. They’re going to get so much value. They’re going to feel that they’ve spent their time in the best possible way. 

Then I just anchor that in and snap my fingers three or four times and feel those emotions, and then I get into the webinar. Neuro linguistic programming has a technique when you anchor yourself to a successful moment from your past when you’ve impacted many people.

You absorb that same energy into yourself, and then you go and do your webinar; try this out next time; setting an intention before you do your webinar is extremely powerful. 

Third: If you want a webinar to be energetic and also be able to go at a fast momentum, you have to have a structure in the webinar. I use mind maps, which help me know exactly when I should move to the next topic. I look at the timer often to check that different segments of my webinars are on track.

Everything has a structure and a framework. And even within the framework, there is a framework. What are the things to make it very powerful and effective?

I’ve done many webinars, and I believe that each segment has to have the right kind of energy. So this is where you can get a lot of responses from your audience. I use suggestology in the form of comments. I ask people to type in the comment box the different kinds of words in code. For first-timers, I would ask them to order FT or ask them to type BIO or bring it on. I would ask them to type game on, ready to learn. There are so many different words that I use.

When you can use suggestology and ask for responses every three to four minutes, you can keep the energy very high inside your webinar. Otherwise, people will get zoned out. They’ll be looking at their phones and WhatsApp, and they can be doing multiple other things. 

So you’re going to keep drawing them back into the webinar, using suggestology. The other thing is you; you better know your stuff. A host who is really knowledgeable in his topic and knows his stuff will always have more energy during his webinars than someone still unsure about the subject and sounds a bit like a parrot.

One thing I frequently do is drink lots of water. I have my water bottle right next to me all the time. Every few minutes, I take a sip of water and down at least three liters of water every day. And you know what?

Water has some magical properties. You can set an intention into the water. Water is a magical substance; it’s what we are made of; 80% of our body is made of water.

So if you can chant a mantra, or you want to set some intention, say a prayer and just look at water and say it and drink it. You know what?

According to an experiment conducted on this by Dr.Emoto, there’ll be a direct impact on that. Usually, when I’m doing a webinar and playing a video, I share some case studies, and I set the intention to water to keep my energy level very, very high. Experiment with this yourself to see how this works. 

If you want to highlight energy in your webinars, you have to love your topic. It's not just about knowing your stuff, but you've got to love what you do and transmit that love for the subject and the ideas you’re sharing that help connect with the audience. This connection creates an energy exchange, and people feel your energy and feel like absorbing that knowledge. 

The other thing is you simply have to have is love for people. You’ve got to be a people person; you need to care for people’s success genuinely.

The audience can see through hosts who are only out there to sell their products.  On the other hand, some people establish a connection through videos.

The rapport is instant because it is evident that they genuinely want to help and serve people; it cannot be scripted. It is something that you are or you're not.

And if you're not, you have to work on yourself. You have to genuinely care and love people because, ultimately, business is all about engaging and interacting with people. 

The other thing is overdelivering value. When you overdeliver value, that will increase your energy levels in terms of the knowledge and ideas you're going to be sharing. 

Don't hold anything back. If you come to my webinars, pretty much, I will show you everything. I share my entire system.  So go full-on, total energy, love your topic, and over-deliver value. People on the other side will be able to feel that. And that's what will create a high-engagement webinar. 

Last but not least, there's no replacement for this.

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

It's like exercising muscles in the gym. You get better and better and better and better. 

Once you’ve done, genuinely enough, once you practice enough, you'll be able to draw the energy out of the crowd who are watching you live, and you'll be able to also give that energy back to them based on what they need.

Sometimes I do webinars when I go entirely unscripted. I ask the audience what they want, and I give it back to them.

Now, this requires a different level of skill, practice, and mastery for you to do this. Mastery in your topic, mastery in your knowledge and ability, even in terms of execution through webinars, facing the camera, speaking, running polls, pulling things up, asking people to share in the comment box, creating exercises on the fly, asking them questions that are relevant to the topic.


Do you want to increase your webinars sales massively? 

After doing 500 plus webinars, I’ve brought it down to a formula. I’m going to be sharing with you 11 specific tips, which you should be able to incorporate into your webinars.

You can even double or triple your conversions by following these methods. Because of following this methodology, many of my students have generated one lakh rupees and two lakh rupees in each webinar. 

Webinar selling is one of the most effective ways of selling your product or services where you don’t have to travel. It’s one-to-many, and you can reach out to a lot of people. And as long as you’re able to establish a lot of value, people are there to buy your product or services. 

So the first thing is, people buy you first before they buy a product. So right from the word go, if people cannot resonate with you as a person, then there is no way that they’re going to be buying your product. It comes down to your level of authenticity through the value that you can give, which creates massive sales. 

The second concept is the total experience creates results. The kind of experience you give people in your webinar in that short period makes results for you and outcomes for them. It’s all about your energy. 

And the third concept I want to tell you is that I’ve tested all kinds of webinars, and hands down, live webinars beat automated webinars any day. I know many people do automated webinars, and as long as the numbers work, that’s great. Still, I always love to do live webinars because I can establish a rapport and relationship with people live. I can call out people’s names, and I can truly create that human connection with them as they’re going through the webinar. 

I have distilled my experiences into 11 tips. 

1. Pre-framing. Sales happen even before the actual transaction. If you’re able to give enough value to that particular person, even before they come to the webinar, by pre-framing them, there’s a higher chance that it will increase your sales.

I send out mailers; I send out case studies. I send out stories of my students who have gotten a lot of results. Even before somebody comes into my webinar, I’ve created at least three to four touchpoints in their minds with precious information and proven concepts.

When they come into the webinar, they are already pre-framed into getting on this journey with me. Don’t just depend on generating leads and expecting them to show up and buy because the buying process happens before they do the transaction. 

That happens by nurturing them, warming them up, and adding a lot of value-sharing out of case studies. When people experience this, they think it will be phenomenal during the webinar. Naturally, when you give enough value in the webinar, they’ll be imagining what kind of value they’re going to get after buying your product. 

2. The second tip is to do with the experience. This is something that I have always incorporated in my webinars, which is the concept of playing good music. Most people neglect this by directly starting with the webinar, and it gets boring.

I raise the energy of the digital webinar room 15 minutes before starting the webinar; I have outstanding pumping music playing. The people who are tuning in early are waiting. While the music is playing, I begin to engage in conversations in the chat box, welcoming people by asking which city they live in. 

Good music creates the mood for them to feel that they are in a beautiful space. I have to have my special playlist every time I start my webinars. How is this related to sales? You get them a great experience, and they feel they’ll have a similar kind of experience, even inside your product or service. 

3. The third tip that can increase your sales is being courteous. I’ve seen so many marketers and professionals who have seemed arrogant. They behave like they’ve been there, done that. There’s no humility. Usually, when I start my webinars, I am always courteous because people are experiencing you for the first time.

When you acknowledge them, thank them, and are grateful for their presence in that webinar at a subconscious level, a connection already happens. When you’re courteous and when they look at you as a person who is genuinely out there to serve them and support them, that is when they will buy you first. 

4. Now, the fourth tip that can increase your sales is your story. Because facts tell, but stories sell. If you have an actual account, perhaps of a crisis and how you handled it, do share it.

When you discuss how your actions impacted your life and share some of that story, the audience identifies with you and feels inspired. They think if you can do it, they can also do it, and they’re already ready to buy. 

5. Tip number five is sharing your mission. Initially, you may not have that many results to show, but you can still talk about your story; you can talk about your mission or the reason why you’re doing this webinar and the reason why you are training people.

Once people get your sense of “why,” they’re ready to become your customer. 

I talk about my mission. I just say I want to help a hundred thousand people live a lifestyle of freedom. I want to help a hundred thousand people live the internet lifestyle. Listening to this, the people can resonate with those values, and they start to resonate with you.

You can pre-frame the audience. You can play good music. You can be courteous. You can share your story. You can share your mission, but if you’re not delivering massive value in your webinar, your sales will not happen.

When I talk about enormous value, it means within a short time, they need to feel that they’ve got so much practical knowledge that they can go and implement it and change their life. When people are tuned into your wavelength, that is itself sales. 

6. Tip number six is to deliver massive value on content. It is not about pounding them with too much information but clarifying the concepts so that they can make a decision. 

7. Ultimately, what happens is once you have shared your story, your mission, given value, people need to see value in the product that you’re offering them. You need to create what I call a 10X value stack. You may not have that many conversions if you’re selling one product and just mention the price. 

I have a stack of bonuses that I give, which is valued at 10X of the actual offer. So, for example, if I’m selling my product at, say, Rs.9999, the value of the stack will be at least Rs.1 lakh, that’s ten times the value. 

It is vital to have a “main” product that you’re selling along with bonuses. Once you demonstrate the 10X value and go to the final offer at the end of the webinar, the bang happens. That’s why I generate anywhere from 15, 20, 25% conversion on the webinar because of the value stack. 

8. Tip number eight is confidence. You need to be confident during sales. I’ve seen this happen to many people; the content will be good, their story is good, their mission is good, and their value is good. But once they get to the sales part, something goes wrong, and they get jittery, they lose their confidence, which drops all the sales.

In fact, during sales, you need to have a high confidence level that comes from your core. You need to believe that this product can change someone’s life. I know, hands down, the reason I’m able to generate a lot of sales is that I know that my product can change someone’s life. That confidence and that belief subconsciously connect with the audience, and they make up their minds. 

Some people have the false belief that asking for money is terrible due to some negative programming in their childhood when they were taught to never ask for money or that rich people were terrible. 

I look at sales as a form of service. I believe that when people pay money, they pay attention. When they pay attention, they take action. When they take action, they get the results. So it’s your moral responsibility to charge people for your product. 

"Only when you believe in what you teach, will your students take action with conviction." - Sidz

You need to be confident in asking for that money because only when they make the transaction is it going to be a value exchange. They will value your information only to the extent that they exchange the value fairly by paying you money. It is your responsibility to look at sales as a form of service that can help them get the results that they want. 

9. To increase your sales massively during webinars, you have to have a limiter or an urgency/scarcity element. I do a 15 minutes countdown timer.

Then I come to the actual final offer and tell them in 15 minutes if you complete the transaction, I’m going to give you all of these bonuses. I give them all those bonuses. As soon as the countdown timer hits zero, I disable that link. 

10. You need to have a Q&A session in the webinar after your sales. You complete the limiter, you have the countdown timer, people buy a product, and then you can do questions and answers.

Do not do a question-answer before your sales pitch but just after the sales pitch. I answer questions for 15 to 20 minutes, and then once again, I open up a tiny window where people can take action. 

I tell people if you found so much value in the Q and A and if you did not take action, in the next 5 minutes, I’m going to give you a final boarding call. Just five more minutes for you to complete the transaction right now. Here’s the link going by. At least 5-10 people will act at this point. 

11. Finally, tip number 11 is you need to demonstrate that you will be there to support them even after they have bought your product. Some marketers end their relationship with their customers at the point of sale; once somebody purchased the product, they are in their CRM database, and that’s it. 

I tell my students the relationship with customers must begin at the point of sale. 

If you buy my product and enter my digital coaching system, I will be there to support you for the rest of your life. I do weekly inner circle calls only for the paid members. I answer their questions. 

It’s when people can feel that kind of support that you’re going to offer them, not just after your sales pitch; you know you have communicated effectively. 

If you’re able to incorporate these 11 elements, trust me, you will be able to double or even triple or quadruple your results in your webinars sales.


While all the above systems are core to your business, it’s never complete until you have your payment gateways setup. This section will list all the top payment gateway solutions and other resources and tools to make it smoother for you to collect payments and track your sales. 

 1. Instamojo - 

If you are based in India, this is one of the best payment collection engines. It’s pretty easy to set up your account if you have your company and bank accounts set up. You can create different products and payment links in this system.

Once set up, you can share the payment link with your prospects where they will be able to make a payment via credit card, debit card, net banking, and other options. The best part is that once the payment is received, you will track all your data on a single dashboard. Additionally, you will also be able to process refunds and send messages to your customers from this platform. 

2. RazorPay - 

I love using both Instamojo and RazorPay. From my experience, these two are the best payment collection engines if you reside in India. RazorPay has pretty much all the features that Instamojo has.

The only difference is that this tool has some advanced API integration features with other payment engines. So if you want to build custom solutions for receiving payments, RazorPay is a good option. I use both systems in parallel.

If people cannot process the payment on Instamojo, I have an alternate payment link on RazorPay. I’m also able to receive international payments in USD and other currencies on RazorPay. Currently, on Instamojo, I can only set the receivable currency as INR. 

3. Stripe -

This is a global player - one of the world’s most trusted payment processors. Since I reside in India, I have this as a backup payment engine. They have a great dashboard and advanced features and integrations with numerous platforms.

My Teachable learning management system directly integrates with Stripe. If anyone buys my products now on my knowledge portal, that payment gets routed into my Stripe account. This way, I can track direct payments vs. other payments on separate payment gateways.

Ultimately, all payments hit the same bank account. I prefer having just ONE bank account for receivables. And ONE debit card for all my tools and payments.

4. PayPal - 

This is the world’s most popular payment engine. I usually do not use PayPal for receiving payments as I already have the above options. I mainly use PayPal as a backup if someone cannot make the payment on RazorPay or Stripe. My PayPal account is used primarily to receive affiliate commissions.

That way, I can track all my inflows from other sources besides my core products. I also use PayPal to make all my tool payments to pull all the reports once a month and track all tool expenses in one place. I hope this has given you a good idea of how to use these payment systems. There may be other payment gateways, but I’m happy using these. 

Here’s a list of valuable tools and funnel builders that integrate with the above four payment gateways: 

• CartFlows
• SamCart 
• ThriveCart 
• Kartra 
• LeadPages 
• Unbounce 
• Instapage 
• SquareSpace 
• GrooveFunnels 
• DropFunnels 
• WooCommerce 
• Shopify
• Thinkific 
• Kajabi 
• Podia


Around 15 days before your webinar, reach out to your followers and subtly suggest what you will cover in your webinar.

Don’t directly invite them to your webinar, but indirectly tell your audience about the benefits of being there live in your webinar.

Create open loops on what they can get when they attend your webinar and close the loop in your webinar.

Three days before the webinar, start getting more direct and ask people to register for your live session. At the end of all your videos, podcasts, and live sessions, give a solid call to action, inviting people to your webinar. 

Tips On How To Increase Your Webinar Turnout: 

 > Create a webinar workbook with a lot of fill-in-the-blank spaces. Ask people to download it for free. Most people will not understand what those blank spaces are. They will attend the webinar to close that loop. 

 > Tell your audience that they will receive unique gifts worth `5,000 or `10,000 when they attend your webinar live. This idea will help improve your attendance rate. Give these gifts towards the end of your webinar to have a high retention rate in your webinars. 

 > When starting, make it clear to your audience that your webinars are always live, and there will be no recordings or replays. This will also help increase the turnout rate. 

 > Tell your audience that you will give them some special tools when they attend live. Mention that you will demonstrate how to use those tools, and they need to participate in the live session to learn to utilize them correctly.

All these small tweaks will create a sense of curiosity (an open-loop purchase) that your audience will want to satisfy. Inviting people to your webinar is like buying movie tickets.

Usually, people do not purchase movie tickets two weeks in advance. It usually happens just 1 or 2 days before you decide to go for a movie.

In the same way, use the last 2-3 days aggressively to get people to register.


1. Digital Coach Blueprint 
11 Part Video Course

2. Digital Coach Masterclass 
Register For Live Session 

3. Freedom Budget Blueprint 
One-Page Business Plan

4. Freedom Bundle
Join The Community

5. FourPercent
Join The Community 

6. Consulting Accelerator
Top Notch Consultant Training

7. NameCheap
Buy Your Domains Here 

8. WPX Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting 

9. Bluehost
WordPress Hosting 

10. ConvertKit
Email Marketing System 

11. GetResponse
Email Marketing System 

12. Flodesk
Email Marketing System

13. Demio
Webinar System 

14. WebinarJam
Webinar System 

15. EverWebinar
Automated Webinar System

16. Teachable
Learning Management System 

17. Calendly
Appointment System 

18. ClickFunnels
Funnel Building System 

19. ClickMagick
Link Tracking System

20. Zapier
Automation System 

21. MightyNetworks
Private Network Platform 

22. Instamojo
Payment Gateway (India)

23. Razorpay
Payment Gateway (India)

24. Stripe
Payment Gateway (Global)

25. PayPal
Payment Gateway (Global) 

26. CollectChat
Website Chatbot System 

27. ManyChat
Facebook ChatBot 

28. Vimeo Private
Video Hosting 

29. Wistia Private
Video Hosting 

30. Digital Market
Freelance Marketplace 

31. eCamm Live
Video Streaming 

32. ScreenFlow
Video Editing Tool (Mac) 

33. Camtasia
Video Editing Tool (Windows)

34. Mindnode
Mind Mapping Tool (Mac) 

35. Garageband
Audio Editing Tool (Mac) 

36. UseProof
Social Proof Tool

37. Telegram
Messenger Chat 

38. Mint Personal
Finance Tool 

39. YNAB Personal
Finance Tool 

40. Attract IO eBook
Creation Tool 

41. Zoom
Webinar & Meeting Tool 

42. Canva
Image Editing Tool 

43. InShot
Video Editing App 

Disclaimer: Some of the links are my affiliate links. I make a commission if you decide to purchase them


Ultimately the audience will need to buy you before they buy your product. Your ability to keep people engaged and over-deliver value in your webinar will determine your conversions.

If you do your pre-framing and nurturing steps right, you will project fantastic energy in your webinars. People will connect with you well. The comments will be positive.

The audience will be receptive to your information and will also end up buying your products. 

Siddharth Rajsekar | India's Leading Digital Coach

Everything is about energy. Your energy. Your audience’s energy. Various factors can either raise or lower the webinar room’s energy. In this segment, I want to share some essential elements that can help you radiate great energy. 

Here are some tips for creating that magic in your webinars: 

1. Always start your webinars with some fantastic music. This increases the energy. 

2. Drink a lot of water, be hydrated, and reflect your energy right from the webinar’s start. 

3. Always start your webinar on time. Starting late and being sloppy indicates that you are incompetent as a person - which may not be accurate. 

4. Make your webinar PPTs or mind maps extremely attractive and visually appealing. 

5. Ask for responses every 3-4 minutes in the chatbot to keep raising the room’s energy. 

6. Call out people’s names and appreciate them when required. People will respond to you more. 

7. Do not get put off by random negative comments in your webinars. Focus on keeping your energy high always. You will find jokers who enter the webinar room

8. Remove all the spammers who are coming in and throwing in their links. 

9. Run your webinars without any expectations of sales. Be completely detached from the results. But be completely focused on being present and delivering extraordinary value. 

10. Share your mission and why you do what you do right at the start of your webinar. 

11. Fill your webinar with a lot of stories and case studies to make it more engaging. If you keep all these points in mind and apply them consciously, you will be in an excellent position

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      “A webinar is not about teaching.” says webinar expert Russell Brunson. “Webinars are about breaking down barriers to purchase.”

      1. Break down your entire 30-minute content segment into three sections.

      2. In each 10-minute segment, share one powerful concept or secret.

      3. Solidify each principle with one powerful case study/story of transformation.

      4. Keep this segment interactive and ask a lot of questions.

      5. Appreciate the answers by calling out people’s names and thanking them.

      6. At the end of each 10-minute segment, ask them whether they understood the concept.

      7. If there are questions, tell people you will answer them at the end.

      8. Do not break the flow of your content or get distracted by comments.

      9. Go into detail with the before-and-after story of each case study.

      10. Make people believe they can achieve the same goal.

    • Harvi

      Sidz, very detailed guide on making money through Webinars. Loved how you have detailed out the business and the personal mindset aspects required to master the webinar. Have been following a lot of these pointers and seeing great results. Thank you for the wonderful system.

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      Awesome sidz!
      Your Webinar Selling Formula has even worked for me before launching my course. It’s robust.
      Please don’t reinvent & just use it as it’s you’ll get result guaranteed.

    • Ajit Parwate

      HI Sidz, thank you again, since this Guide ‘”The Ultimate Guide To Make More Money through Webinars”., is a complete step by step approach or process to make more money through webinar. Phenomenal stuff.
      Thanks you for bringing new and different perspective and different angle how to engage with community and give value like Pure Gold every time.

      Thanks again

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      Hi Sidz, You are the unique gift to the world of trainers & coaches. Amazing value creation always and in all ways including this particular PDF. Best of the best wishes.

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      Hi Sidz, This is Awesome, Webinars are a challenge but you have simplified it so much that now it is easy to execute. Thank you for such a wonderful resource.

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      awesome information for person why to choose webinar model for good sales and to find the right customer

    • Prachiti Sharangdhar

      Hi Sidz.. this Ultimate guide to make more money through webinars is like a Bible for Webinars. I’m actually able to understand the places where I can improve in order to get better results. The information povided is detailed and minute. YOu have encapsulated all the aspects related to webinar. It gives a feeling of a readable MASTERCLASS. Thank you for this …

    • ravi sachan

      world class step by step ultimate guide to sell by webinar.

      It is a bible to sell by webinar.

      every thing explain step by step.

      if it is for free .

      can not believe it.

      thank you .

    • Mahesh Deshmukh

      Webinar is not for teaching but for breaking the barriers of purchase.
      This is the biggest takeaway from the webinar.
      Rest of the content really fits into making webinar selling as as science.
      Thank you Sid for sharing this.

    • Dheeraj Kumar Malviya

      Thanks, Sids for sharing an eye-opener truth… Your structure of communicating ideas is fantastic. Thanks for unfolding the Webinar secrets.
      I hope it will bring a revolution in the minds of readers.

    • Lekkha Harrish

      Hi, its always so much of value everytime I read or voew Siddharth’s content. Webinars are the new way of connecting and scaling. Thanks a lot for the detailed guide and so many tips to be great at it. Absolutely loved it

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      Awesome Guide for Conversion Webinars. I will implement for Sure considering all the pointers. Thanks Sidz for these amazing Guides. These are mini Books.

      Just like 20-20 of Cricket , awesome attractive

    • Tushar Raj Kumar

      Your thought process & your work is outstanding. Love every piece of information/knowledge that you plan for your students.
      Loved the guide. It is Truly Ultimate !!!!


      This guide is a top most literature to learn to sell anything worthwhile to any person

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      This Guide has been a phenomenal resource to go through. The Key elements put together are going to be a Game Changer for each & everyone. This is a perfect example of adding value & redirecting people towards the funnel on a deeper level. Cheers

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      Its really value packed
      Surely this is going to be helpful in my freedom journey
      and scaling my webinar sales
      Thanks a lot sidz

    • Amitkumar Rupareliya

      Right now the when more people are moving towards the personalised devices, and they can access you, it is a great marketing tool.
      From the webinar you can share your message, your vision of the product or service with the people who are interested in that and you can bring them to your universe.
      People will connect with you if they see value in what you are sharing, if they see your energy, if they see your conviction.
      If you do it right, they will get connected with you on a deeper level.
      And for the mechanics of the things, this guide is the ultimate tool on structuring and all the aligned things there.

    • ketan gawand

      I have been in Training industry for 13 years , Never had a clue about conducting webinars , creating impact and making money online . Siddharths System has literally hand hold me to get results beyond my imagination . I have built a community of 8500 plus likeminded people and paid student base of 650 plus students using proven techniques of Sid .

      If you follow him blindly , no way you can fail

    • Anuj chaturvedi

      Sidz, mind-blowing! … It took almost 25 minutes to finish this. I was pausing it, writing my notes, thinking deeply about what I should say in my webinar…
      Simply priceless…Great Work Sidz…you are going to be a digital superhero.

      Amazing and too valuable …. Thanks for this too helpful …

    • Srimaya Mahapatra

      Wow! This is a super awesome handbook for all who wants to scale up digital coaching through Webinars!
      So many golden nuggets here like:

      ✅ Pricing your products in a particular fashion to get maximum sales!

      ✅ Webinar is not about overloading learners with knowledge but to break their resistance to get a better version of themselves

      ✅ Selling as a System – a perfectly mastered 15-15-30-30 model using “reverse psychology”

      This is out-of-the-box…

      I think the only reason why it won’t work is when we quit on this WEBINAR SELLING FORMULA!

      Thank you so much Sidz for make this freely available to everyone!

      You indeed are DIGITAL BUDDHA ????????

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome!Great Insights! More power to you, great to have you in our community.

    • Neyamathullah HM

      Thanks for your awesome information. This gives a novel idea of nurturing the business in the knowledge platform. The process is well explained and given the process flow too. It is worth and life looks to be progressively tempting. The success could be achieved by implementing diligently.

    • Gautam kumar

      There are very informative idea to how to sell membership and make more income. And many hacks to do conversion, I really passionate to your content.

    • Satheesh Veliyath

      My Key takkeaways:

      – Webinar can be your silver bullet to money making
      – Webinars are about breaking barriers to purchase rather than teaching.
      – Components of an ideal webinr – An engaging introduction, A content piece and a sales piece.
      – A mission focused business will anyday outshine a profit focused business.
      – The price of the product should the value of content,People see through intentions. So delivering value is more important.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Satheesh !Great Insights! More power to you, great to have you in our community.

    • Digital NiGo

      Yes .it has inspired me to start my webinar soon.

    • Manoj Gupta

      Hey Sidz,

      This is the ultimate strategy to demonstrate your powerful presence and your service offering through the webinar. I can see the nuances and powerful nuggets provided in this ebook is really ultimate. This can provide great insight to novice as well how to set up the system and be ready with the great front-facing platform called webinar and captivate your audience with the right synergies.

      Best Wieshes,
      Manoj Gupta

    • Jessie DSouza

      It’s a silver bullet to make money and create your brand awareness online. Webinars are not about teaching, but to help the ultimate customer to break the objection barriers and make the decision. Webinars are the easiest and fastest way to teach online and make money. The way you to teach is more important than what you teach.
      Sidz, this is an incredible guide to learn to perfect the webinar sales.

    • Jaykumari Trivedi

      Dear Sidz,

      All the secrets about webinar selling at one place, it’s Awesome.
      – I liked 3 secrets
      – What to do points during webinar
      – if you can sell to 8 years old ????

      Amazing stuff.

    • Raaja chokalingham S R

      Yes, webinar sales is the future selling format for many. Due to pandemics and posts also people will have the hesitancy to meet people in person and in large groups. So the only option for at least another two more years is a webinar format of sales and a great opportunity for coaches and trainers. Best wishes for the opportunist to use this format.
      Good luck my website for further details and for my courses

    • Mukund Khasnis

      3 components of a successful webinar.
      1. perfect, engaging introduction
      2. have a great content piece.
      3. sales piece
      The choice of products can be divided into the following categories:
      1. Educational Products
      2. Health Products
      3. Arts and Crafts
      4. Food Products
      5. Beauty Products:
      The ideal Webinar Selling Formula – 30- 30-15-15 Selling is a system.
      • 30 Minutes – Introduction and context setting.
      • 30 Minutes – High-Value Content and case studies.
      • 15 Minutes – Details about your product/program.
      • 15 Minutes – Collecting Payment/ Congratulating Action Takers
      Break three resistances:
      1. The Vehicle
      2. Internal Fears
      3. External Fears
      Template fo a webinar:
      • your first 10 minutes,
      • your three secrets,
      • the sales bridge,
      • and the sales pitch,
      • and you stack up the value.
      • Then give them a limiter and just provide the final price point, which is the webinar offer.


      1. Always start your webinars with some fantastic music. This increases the energy.
      2. Drink a lot of water, be hydrated, and reflect your energy right from the webinar’s start.
      3. Always start your webinar on time. Starting late and being sloppy indicates that you are incompetent as a person – which may not be accurate.
      4. Make your webinar PPTs or mind maps extremely attractive and visually appealing.
      5. Ask for responses every 3-4 minutes in the chatbot to keep raising the room’s energy.
      6. Call out people’s names and appreciate them when required. People will respond to you more.
      7. Do not get put off by random negative comments in your webinars. Focus on keeping your energy high always. You will find jokers who enter the webinar room.
      8. Remove all the spammers who are coming in and throwing in their links.
      9. Run your webinars without any expectations of sales. Be completely detached from the results. But be completely focused on being present and delivering extraordinary value.
      10. Share your mission and why you do what you do right at the start of your webinar.
      11. Fill your webinar with a lot of stories and case studies to make it more engaging. If you keep all these points in mind and apply them consciously, you will be in an excellent position

    • Raghu K

      Amazing stuff Sidz!! So Cool and transparently explained in such an easy and pleasant format, that it makes one go thru it without being overwhelmed.

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      The steps which you shared is enticing and more powerful.

      Definitely we will follow them and generate more quality leads.

      Always we are proud to be your student!

      You are one among the mentors who shares the secrets from the bottom of the heart always.

      Thank you so much once again.

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      Thanks a lot for your training and support in all forms.

      So much to do do learn and do . Need your blessings 🙂

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      In Gratitude
      Paresh Desai

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      This PDF is one of the most powerful tools I have ever come across, revealing all the secrets of Webinar Sales.
      You have guided in detail on all the technical as well as psychological aspects of selling through webinars.
      I am sure anyone can become a master of Selling through webinar if all these steps and concepts are followed in full.
      This is can really be a gamechanger tool in the entire online learning world. MPTY!!!

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Rajeev ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable,

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      You have designed a meaningful content PDF that will serve a long-term purpose for those who want to know about the Importance of webinars and how to conduct successful webinars. This PDF also teaches about the sales process, and how to increase conversion rates. The webinar show-up rate lesson is awesome.

      Please visit my website


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      The guide is just so comprehensive that someone can start creating their webinars if they read through and understand the whole content. Also apprehensions that coaches might have are all so well addressed. Thanks SIdz.

    • Bala

      Hi Sidz,

      Ultimate formula for courses selling is Webinars and
      It will create passive income,
      community & Tribe building
      Personnel branding
      Franchising your Business
      You will be Coach……etc List Goes on.

      Best Regards

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      Woow webinars model something changed my life…

      Thank you Sidz

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      Awesome guide Sidz,
      India is the land of teachers, the webinar is the best model for great teachers to
      impart their knowledge online.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Loved this quote by Zig Ziglar >> if you can help enough people achieve what they want in life, you can achieve whatever you want in life and more.

    • Rohini Gupta

      “A webinar is not about teaching.” says webinar expert Russell Brunson. “Webinars are about breaking down barriers to purchase.”
      Sidz has an excellent Webinar selling formula, excellently outlined in this article!
      It’s not just about selling one’s products or services, Its also about showing the clients what value they can receive, and an opportunity to understand the energy and quality of the person delivering it, You!

      If used effectively and consistently with the CTA at the end, it’s a truly powerful tool! we don’t need to reinvent the wheel!
      Simply use the formula!

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Rohini ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Raj Messa

      Thank you Sidz, I never thought I could achieve my financial freedom when you simplify things so easily. yes, We all need knowledge education, skills education, as well as vocational education. post pandemic has changed the entire game for me and I am working on my creativity niche , I am going to do whatever it takes to kick in these new habits, hobbies, & pursuits. Definitely going to me in Quantum club, even if I had to implement these hundreds of times., yes this digital age is all about emotional balance and mental peace.Going to work on my webinars rapidly

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Raj! Your feedback really made my day! :). The more you invest time in learning, you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning & you are doing it.Keep Inspiring!

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      Amazing Nobel, More Power to you

    • Shrinivaassa Rao

      This is really an Ultimate Guide for Monetization of Webinars. This guide clearly explained Importance of Webinars compared to other modes, how to manage Energy through out Webinar, How to get maximum out of Webinar. Excellent. Thanks to Sidz.

    • Prem Alvares

      The digital learning is here to stay.
      Webinars are lower resistance for participation
      There is strategy to employ in webinars to keep your audience attentive.
      Your mission is key it’s more important than sales.
      Be excited and have high energy to deliver your mission

    • Swapnil Shiwalay

      Thanks for the Cool tips Sidz ????

      1. Always start your webinars with some fantastic music. This increases the energy.

      2. Drink a lot of water, be hydrated, and reflect your energy right from the webinar’s start.

      3. Always start your webinar on time. Starting late and being sloppy indicates that you are incompetent as a person – which may not be accurate.

      4. Make your webinar PPTs or mind maps extremely attractive and visually appealing.

      5. Ask for responses every 3-4 minutes in the chatbot to keep raising the room’s energy.

      6. Call out people’s names and appreciate them when required. People will respond to you more.

      7. Do not get put off by random negative comments in your webinars. Focus on keeping your energy high always. You will find jokers who enter the webinar room.

      8. Remove all the spammers who are coming in and throwing in their links.

      9. Run your webinars without any expectations of sales. Be completely detached from the results. But be completely focused on being present and delivering extraordinary value.

      10. Share your mission and why you do what you do right at the start of your webinar.

      11. Fill your webinar with a lot of stories and case studies to make it more engaging. If you keep all these points in mind and apply them consciously, you will be in an excellent position

    • Maneesha

      Thank you Sidz for this wonderful guide.

      Webinars is about handing sales objections and showing your students the right path with the life long journey along hand holding the community.
      If people are able to see through our intentions in the webinar, like what we really do in the backend. When we speak, what we think and what do we are aligned, people will see through it.

      Establishing our true intentions in the first 30 min of webinar will establish the true energy exchange between you and your customer.
      If we’re able to establish this in our intro, that’s the best thing.

      Context of webinar:
      1. 3 barriers
      2. Simplicity of delivery
      3. Respect the timer, webinar offer should be limited offer mission

      Content of Webinar:
      Intro, Value delivery, Detailing of Pricing, QnA

      Thank you so much ????????
      This is super helpful

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Maneesha !Great Insights! More power to you, great to have you in our community.

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      Thank you for constantly adding value to our Learning Curve & making it more exciting, informative..!

      You’re really transforming the World with your valuable, insightful & innovative ways, of Teaching-learnings.

      We are blessed to be part of your community , & will be really grateful, delightful in contributing towards your Vision-Mission ..!

      I hope all of will absorb your Learnings in depth & be a part of historical Digital revolution ..! 😉

      Thank you for everything..! 🙂

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome Devika! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Devika! Really appreciate your feedback. I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable! More to unfold.. 😉

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      I am a LLL

    • Sumit Upreti

      OMG. This guide is Mind blowing. There is so much in this single guide which i need to improve on. While reading through it i could find out exact areas i need to improve my wellness coaching webinars. I truly believe i can help better connect with right people in my upcoming webinars. I teach about Cosmic Therapies, so its always a challenge to convince people to take control of their health and body energies. This method is a must try for everyone.

    • Shekar

      This article is truly a master resource guide if someone wants to learn about Webinars. Thank you so much for taking out the time to create. This will be an evergreen content which people can refer to even after many years. Sidz is a true leader.

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      The article by a true master, who is transforming the one trainer at a time. This guide is totally mind blowing and contains all the things, which we learn from Sid’s diamond course. This is the best content out there for anyone, who want to sell his/her program through webinar.

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      Nice Interface

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      This is a super-useful guide for those who are trying their hands on Webinar Sales. In this guide, Siddharth delves deep into each part of the webinar sales so you create a successful webinar system and make your webinar sales profitable. The different components/elements of webinar sales is the ultimate piece. One can learn the tips to increase the webinar show-up rate.
      It’s an ultimate guide for Webinar Sales!


      Hi SID, this particular article is really wonderful, very helpful information. It contains all the parameters and importance of the Webinar. Valuable Content. Thanks for Sharing the same. My Website –

    • Shraddha Subramanian

      This is super cool ! Sid has his own way to help thousands of people. This is the best guide for everything you need for a successful webinar and conversions ! Sid has covered all topics in detail and with lot of love and passion !

      Thank you Sid for showing up in our lives and helping us show in our lives too !

      Let the world impact with this disruptive wave of learning digitally !!

      More power to you !

    • Elizabeth Alex

      Wow….This is amazing. Packed with solid stuff. You have made it so simple, Sid. Crisp and clear. One can go through it any number of times without boredom. Thank you so much and God bless you for all that you are doing your students.

    • Navjot Singh

      By going through this PDF guide, I able to understand the webinar sales process i.e. how to increase webinar show-up rate and conversion rates. Thank you Sidz for such an awesome guide.

    • Priti B. Kansara

      Awesome! This is the Guide that I needed the MOST!
      I skimmed through your Webinar Formula a number of times, and everytime I got new bits from it.
      This ebook is super useful. Won’t have to watch the course again and again.!
      Getting a copy of it asap!
      ty Sid for this

    • Capt. Ebenezer

      This is a Life changer, have been able to close all the 10 people who stayed till the end using this webinar formula

      ◊ 30 Minutes – Introduction and context setting.
      ◊ 30 Minutes – High-Value Content and case studies.
      ◊ 15 Minutes – Details about your product/program.
      ◊ 15 Minutes – Collecting Payment/ Congratulating Action Takers.

      World class 1. Break down your entire 30-minute content segment into three sections.
      2. In each 10-minute segment, share one powerful concept or secret.
      3. Solidify each principle with one powerful case study/story of transformation.
      4. Keep this segment interactive and ask a lot of questions.
      5. Appreciate the answers by calling out people’s names and thanking them.

      6. At the end of each 10-minute segment, ask them whether they understood the con-

      7. If there are questions, tell people you will answer them at the end.
      8. Do not break the flow of your content or get distracted by comments.
      9. Go into detail with the before-and-after story of each case study.
      10. Make people believe they can achieve the same goal.

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      The article touches upon every detail of a webinar.
      My Take Aways
      1. Increase Your Webinar Turnout
      2. Retention Rates
      3. Conversion through
      a. People buy you before they buy your product
      b. Be Authentic you
      c. Total experience creates results
      e. Minute by minute breaking down of elements
      f. Respect audience time & appreciate
      g. A hearty emotional story
      h. The mission creates energy in the audience
      i. delivering Massive value in short time
      j. People don’t care how much you know, people know how much you care

      Awesome sidz

    • Apoorva S Kulkarni

      Hi sidz, as we are in the digital world, a webinar is a gate for digital school, the strategies for a successful webinar are an important asset for a digital coach, the content in this book is crisp and clear, it contains all webinar information, it’s just like a manual for webinars, it contains a step by step formula and implementation. if we go with sidz we can achieve a good conversion rate webinar and be successful in our mission and goal, Thank you sidz for sharing this content.

    • Lokesh Nagar

      You are an amazon person in the digital world.


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